5 Tips to Protecting Yourself Against an Attacker

5 Tips to Protecting Yourself Against an Attacker

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People can attack you for different reasons.

For example, some of them want your valuables. That includes your money, watch, and jewelry. Other attacks are sexually motivated. Politically and racially motivated attacks are on the rise as well. Protecting yourself against an attacker is critical to your wellbeing.

At times, you might be with a family member, friend, or colleague during an attack. Protecting them as well is also important if it is in your power to do so. Here are 5 tips to protecting yourself against an attacker.

Run Away From the Situation

The human body responds to an attack by releasing a hormone known as adrenaline.

Usually, people refer to it as a ‘flight or fight’ hormone. This hormone increases your heart rate, expands air passages in the lungs, and redistributes blood to your muscles. In essence, adrenaline prepares your body for an intense level of activity. This activity could be a sprint away from danger or a fight to tackle that danger.

Your first response to attackers should be running away from them. Doing so protects your body from harm because fights result in injuries.  

Call for Help

Regrettably, avoiding bodily harm by running away from an attack is not possible every time.

Attackers know that you can run away so they target you when you are vulnerable. For example, parents are highly vulnerable when they are walking with their kids. However, calling for help before or during the attack protects you and your loved ones from harm.

Passersby will come to your aid. They will protect you by fighting your attackers. These attackers also run away as soon as they notice that people are paying attention to the incident that is taking place.

Enroll in Self-defense Classes

Sadly, running away or calling for help may be impractical steps towards protecting yourself at certain times.

For example, attacks can happen in secluded areas with a limited number of escape routes or none at all. What will you do in this case? What will you do when the attacker is intent on harming you? In this case, you have to fight.

However, learn how to fight an attacker while an attack is happening is impossible. Instead, enrolling in self-defense classes prepares you for an appropriate response during such attacks.

Carry a Concealed Gun

Unfortunately, the human body has limitations. For example, you cannot fight multiple attackers at once.

You also cannot repulse an attack when you are sick or in a vulnerable position. Therefore, an efficient means of protecting yourself from harm is necessary. A gun is the most efficient way of responding to an attack. More specifically, your role is to aim at the attacker and then pull the trigger.

It will stop the attacker immediately if it hits him in a vital organ. It will stop him brief if its hit others areas of his body giving you time to escape.  

Use a Stun Gun

It is worth noting that guns are dangerous devices to two sets of people.

The first set is the attackers who decide to attack gun owners. The second set is the individuals who carry these guns for their protection. That means guns can harm you or your loved ones especially if you have kids who love playing around with new things. Therefore, the best alternative to carrying a gun is having a stun gun.

This gun slows down an attacker helping you to fight him or giving you time to run away. You can conceal it as well. Click on https://www.beststungun.com/ to find the best stun guns in the market.

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