How Do Puppets Help Child Development?

The best way for children to learn is when they are having fun, and this is why puppets are a must-have resource for any nursery, playgroup, school or child-minder. They can teach children virtually any aspect of education, and the good thing is that they won’t even feel like they are learning, as they will be having so much fun. A puppet is simply a fantastic classroom tool for a variety of ages, and below we will reveal a bit more about the reasons why.

Why choose literacy puppets?

Puppets enable you to make the most of literacy interactive games, which can help children to learn about various things and progress their creative thinking. With everything from small finger puppets to entire story collections, puppets give children the ability to articulate feelings and thoughts that would otherwise be suppressed.

They are also incredible when it comes to connecting literature with storytelling. 

There are many different ways puppets can be used. You could give children a project, asking them to put on a small play using the puppet theatre. This is a great way to boost their creative thinking and confidence. Puppets can also be used just like action figures or dolls are in terms of being a part of a child’s imaginative play.

Teachers and child-minders can also use puppets when they are reading aloud or telling a story, as they offer a great way for kids to join in or respond. Next time you read a book, consider using puppets as a way to lead children into the story. 

You can use puppets to help teach sign language

Another way to use puppets to full effect when it comes to teaching children is by using them to aid with teaching sign language.

This is something that one nursery did, so you can use their story for inspiration. The nursery is called La Petit Ecole, and they used puppets to demonstrate signs to the children. This made it easy for the children to copy the signs, adding some fun to the equation too.

Plus, the children also practised with puppets to enhance their sign language skills. 

Of course, this will be especially beneficial and helpful for any children wearing a hearing aid. Learning sign language will give them another way to communicate with people, and puppets can help to make this learning experience as comfortable and fun as possible.

The nursery in question said that their use of puppets was helpful and beneficial for developing language skills too because it helped the children to see the words and visualise them. 

Buying literacy puppets 

There are so many puppets to choose from, and there is no right or wrong answer when purchasing for your nursery or playgroup.

There are some things you should consider to make your search easier, however.

Firstly, make sure you choose a good variety of puppets. Secondly, consider the age of the children you are buying the puppets for. This will have a significant impact on the type of puppets you select.

This is not only in regards to whether the kids will like the puppets but also in terms of safety, as you will need to avoid puppets with small details like buttons if you are buying for toddlers. Storybook sets are a good place to start, as you will have everything you need to tell a specific tale. 

In addition to this, make sure the retailer that you purchase from is credible and has a good reputation. You cannot afford to take risks when you are buying anything for children.

You need to be sure that the toys have been manufactured carefully and that they offer high levels of safety.

You can make sure this is the case by looking into the history of the company and reading reviews that have been left by other people who have purchased items from the retailer in question before for their children or nursery.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about using puppets to progress your child’s development. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or you work with children in any other capacity, it is important to make the most of the different toys and resources that are available to you.

Puppets have been around for many years now. They may be simple, but they are highly beneficial, helping you to progress your child’s development in many different ways.

Jeff Campbell

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