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Why You Should Play Pure Platinum and Other Video Slots: Advantages of Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that they offer players fun and profit together. Moreover, you can win without the need for experience and special technical knowledge. Even a player who has never played a slot game before can win millions in the first 5 minutes if he is lucky enough. 

Games like Pure Platinum slots are therefore loved by gamers and offer many advantages as well. So, what are these advantages? Why is it good for you to play slot machines? We answer these questions by listing the advantages of online slots below.


No Gaming Experience Is Needed

If you want to be good at games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat, you need experience. Card and table games need a long mastering process. It is not possible for you to be good at these games without learning specific tactics and strategies. Take the game of blackjack, for example. The rules are quite simple, and it shouldn’t take you 10 minutes to learn them. 

However, it can take years to learn when to hit and when to stand. You have to calculate different card combinations, consider the dealer card, and evaluate all possible outcomes. If you do not do these, you will not be able to make any significant winnings in the blackjack game. Moreover, you have to repeat all of these in every variant. Mastering the game of blackjack does not mean that you will master the Blackjack Switch variant, for example.


In slot machines, both learning and mastering process takes 10 minutes in total. Even if you have never had any casino gaming experience before, you can easily understand what to do, and you don’t need to use any strategy. Playing slots offer the following advantages:

  • The rules are very simple and do not vary between variants. To qualify for a payment, simply place 2 or 3 identical symbols next to each other. Whether you play a fruit machine or a video slot, this rule does not change. Once you’ve learned an online slot, you can play all slots online.
  • Since the spin results are determined by RNG (random number generator) software, it is not possible to develop a system or strategy for playing slot games. This is actually an advantage because it means you have very little to learn. You don’t have to keep complex mathematical calculations in mind. Each spin result is determined completely randomly. 

All Players Have the Same Winning Chance

Do you think a beginner poker player can win against an experienced poker player?

Well, can you win in a baccarat game against a professional gambler? Almost all casino games online give experienced players a significant advantage.

Using their knowledge, they can beat beginners at any game. You may have to play for years to reach them at an equal level, and sometimes even that isn’t enough. Some casino games require personal skills in addition to experience.

However, in slot games, everyone is equal, and there is no distinction between beginners and professionals. Since the spin results are determined randomly, everyone has an equal chance of winning.

There is no difference between those who have played slot games for years and those who just started 5 minutes ago – both have the same chance of winning. In short, you don’t need to spend years mastering slot machines to increase your chances of winning. 

You Can Easily Find Better Odds


Slot machines also have RTP percentages, and it is easy to find games with higher RTPs.

This information can be found on the paytables. So you can easily find out which slots will make you lose less while playing in an online casino. (Some casinos offer high RTP games on a separate page.) In addition, you can try each game for free and see for yourself what the payout frequency is. 

Free slot machines are the same as real money slots in terms of winning chances and rules, so the slot machine free play version will be exactly like the real version. Casinos online give you the chance to try every slot game they offer for free. If you want, you can try them for hours, days, or even months before you make a real money deposit. 

There Are Literally Thousands of Slot Game Options

No matter which variant you play, card and table games are basically the same.

You continue to play the same game except for additional betting options. This gets boring after a while. Your options are limited, and it’s almost impossible to get a different experience. Whereas, if you play slot games, you can have a different adventure each time.

Slots are highly advantageous in terms of theme diversity.

You can hunt for pirate treasures, wander around forgotten pyramids, or fight against aliens. You have literally thousands of options, and bonus features like free spins make the experience you get even more fun. 

Themes Music, Adventure, Horror, Film, Sea, Asia, Outer space, Aliens, etc.
Bonus Features Free Spins, Wheels of Fortune, Multipliers, Bonus games, Wild substitution, Jackpots, etc.
Types Video slots, fruit slots, classic slots, 3D slots, VR slots, etc.


Moreover, the advantages of slots are not just these.

You can also compete against other players with events, such as slot tournaments, and win a big prize. Moreover, you can find these options in every online casino. Due to their popularity, slot machines occupy an important place in every casino’s gaming collection.

In other words, you don’t have to be a member of a particular online casino to play them. Every casino on the internet offers thousands of options to play with. 

If you’re looking for a specific baccarat variant, for example, it may be hard to find it except for a few websites. However, no matter which slot machine you are looking for, you can find it in almost any casino.

This ease of access is one of the biggest advantages of slot games. Simply put, slot machines appeal to all kinds of players and offer the chance to win without any previous experience. That’s why you should play them. 

Jeff Campbell