3 Quick Ways to Earn Extra Cash

3 Quick Ways to Earn Extra Cash

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Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find ourselves with some free time at home.

While it can be good to relax and unwind in the short-term, our long-term selves will thank us if we spent the time productively. One way to do this is to find some extra side hustles that could make us some extra money.

From using affiliate links to earn money from your connections to answering surveys at home and even working out – there are plenty of side hustles for some extra cash.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are one way you can scoop up some extra cash on the side.

The way affiliate links work is by providing you with a commission if you send customers to a business directly. Usually tracked through specific codes or links, the affiliate program rewards those who act as brand ambassadors to shout about the benefits of a particular brand.

If you have a website, brands such as Mr Green have trusted and distinguished affiliate programs.

You could earn money just from being able to refer your friends and social media followers to their site when you add the link or banners to your website and earn a percentage of the revenue from those players. Luxury clothing and footwear app Poshmark also benefits from referral codes, as does protein supplier MyProtein.

These referral programs are just a step above simple sales promotions from banks and service providers that reward you for bringing or referring a friend. 

Answer Surveys

Turn the time it takes for dinner to cook or the kettle to boil to help contribute to market research.

Fill in surveys, such as on the iPoll app, for cash and not only help the future of targeted product marketing but also earn some money or vouchers. Marketers have a better idea about products if they have data to go on, which also helps to secure investment and improve the standing of a product.

So, if they have a lot of user-generated data, such as surveys you may take, they will pay good money for this as a five-minute survey to you is a strong marketing position for them.  

Sweat It Out

An innovative app called Sweatcoin allows you to win tokens by moving about.

The app acts as a pedometer, measuring your steps and assigning tokens for achieving walking targets. The app works in the background of your phone so can be used on a day when you know you’re going to walk a lot to get some tokens to trade in at the marketplace for prizes.

These range from taster deals for subscription services to online courses and even actual money – if you earn enough tokens or Sweatcoins. There are other apps that offer tokens for doing things, such as Swagbucks, which provides a range of ways to make money – from shopping online to watching videos.

The 21st Century builds on what has gone before with the internet to find innovative ways that regular people can earn money and benefit from their free time or the people they know. Using some of these methods might not make a huge impact but every little helps when it comes to spending and saving.


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