This Is How to Have Fun When Reading With Your Child

Did you know that having 20 minutes of reading time per day can help your kids score 90% better than their peers on standardized tests?

This is a fantastic statistic, but we know what you’re thinking.

“Getting my kid to stay still and pay attention while I read is like mission impossible”!

Well, don’t give up just yet.

Read our useful tips and you’ll see that reading with your child will become much easier!

1. Let Your Child Choose The Books

Your kid has their own interests and when you let them choose the book they want to read, the chances of them actually enjoying it are much higher.

So why not visit your local book shop or library next weekend?

Whether you’re looking for the best books for 2 year olds, 7 year olds, or 12 year olds, you’ll find exactly what you need.

2. Ask Your Child Questions

Breaking up the story by asking your child questions or even making some observations will make it easier for the little one to stay involved and engaged, and it will help you understand if they’re following.

Likewise, if they want to ask you a question or make an elaboration, let them do so.

3. Create a Reading Area

Having a nice area for your child to read is more important than you might think.

It’ll create the right ambiance for the activity and, if you make it look cool enough, you’ll notice your kid spend more and more time there.

Can’t think of any ideas? Well, kids (and grow-ups, let’s be honest) love forts, so build one, bring the books inside, and voilá!

4. Remember That There Are Many Ways of Reading

When we say reading, we don’t just mean reading traditional books.

Your child might like a certain magazine or feel more engaged if they’re reading from a Kindle. It doesn’t matter – as long as they’re practicing their literacy skills, all forms of reading are beneficial.

5. Tell Your Child How Much You Love Reading Together

As a parent, you have to lead by example and that’s why telling and showing your child how much you enjoy reading with them is so important.

Trust us, once they see how happy this activity makes you, they’ll want to do it even more often.

6. Take Turns Reading

If your kid is learning or already knows how to read, taking turns is an excellent idea.

Not only will they be a lot more engaged, but they’ll get to practice both their understanding and reading skills. Plus, you get to have a break!

7. Know When to Stop

Some days simply aren’t reading days, and that’s okay.

If your kid can’t focus or just isn’t interested, there’s no point in insisting relentlessly. Have a day off, let them rest, and try again tomorrow.

Reading With Your Child Can Be Fun

Reading with your child doesn’t have to be a frustrating task.

Give our tips a try and you’ll see that it’ll become a fun, bonding activity that both you and your little one enjoy to bits.

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Jeff Campbell

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