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Are You Ready To Get Engaged? A Guide for Guys!


Getting married is a big step, and before you make it is a good idea to be sure you have found that one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Of course, there are some pretty important questions that you need to ask yourself before you tie the knot too.

Keep reading to find out who they are. 

Are you done with single life?

This is a big one guys because the lure of single life can continue well into marriage!

Yep, even the most happily married of us can find ourselves thinking about the rush we get when we first meet a new person, or how easy it would be if we could spend our weekends and ballgames and in the club instead of visiting in-laws and doing chores. 

Of course, the kicker here is that there is much happiness to be found in even the more mundane things in married life. We, as men just need to be mature and committed enough to realize this.

That is why we must ask ourselves whether we are truly done with single life. Then if the answer is no, to reassess whether now is the time to be getting engaged or to even be in a committed relationship at all. 

Have you started to think about the engagement and wedding plans?

Once a guy has started considering plans for a proposal and the wedding itself it is usually a good sign that they are ready to tie the knot. Unfortunately, some fellas can feel a bit like a fish out of water when it comes to things sort of stuff. 

To help guide you here, for the engagement it’s a smart idea to think about things such as when and where you will propose and how you will make it a special experience for your other half. Ideas for this may include proposing in a romantic location, getting a custom engagement ring, or even making a grand gesture. 

For the wedding, it’s best to wait and discuss your wants and needs with your partner.

Although thinking about locations, time of the year and other details such as entertainment is a smart move as then you will have much more to contribute when it does come time to begin the planning! 

Can you make compromises?

Another important question that we fellas have to ask ourselves before getting engaged is whether we can compromise. That means being able to come to an agreement about something that isn’t us getting our own way all the time. 

If you are ready to marry but are hesitant to make compromises, hiring an attorney and considering a pre-nuptial agreement might be an excellent alternative. It will guarantee that you retain control over your assets in the case of disagreements, separation, or divorce, thus saving you worry and financial difficulties in the future.

In fact, knowing how to compromise is about being able to let some things go, and put the other person first on occasion.

It’s also about knowing what we want and being strong enough to stand up for the things that are deal breakers in a relationship. Indeed, compromise throughout a relationship should be balanced and not just one-sided for either partner.

If that relationship is going to stand the test of time through being engaged, and then married

Jeff Campbell