Time To Redesign Your Home To Modern Standards

The process for a new home begins long before it is built. In order to avoid costly mistakes during construction, one must pay attention to the right steps involved in moving from an existing home in the imagination and vision, to a real dream home. 

The construction company carries out uniform construction plans for all the apartments and employs subcontractors to work in accordance with the plans. They work according to predetermined deadlines and are not happy to make design changes, which involve work that does not conform to the standard to which they are accustomed. It is therefore advisable to check in advance the flexibility of the developer for new changes and if necessary, anchor in advance in the agreement the possibility of making changes.

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The architect and interior designer

The occupants of the new home are often undecided about choosing the design team for the home.

On the one hand, the construction architect also provides an interior design service, and on the other hand, decisions regarding the interior design complex of the house are the exclusive area of their expertise.

The many benefits inherent in combining the work of an architect with the work of an interior designer must be understood, and in cases where consensus cannot be reached, it is advisable to carry out the interior design work without the services of a professional interior designer.

If you wish for a modern home, you need to be sure that you’re working alongside them to tell them what is most important to you in terms of modernity.

Most architects focus on the exterior design of the house and obtaining building permits and licenses, while the interior designer focuses on planning the important details of arranging the space according to the tenants’ needs such as the design and installation of electrical systems, the choice of furniture and placement, flooring, etc. 

The role of the interior designer

The job of the interior designer is to translate the needs, vision, and aspirations of the tenants into a tangible and existing design. Just as the exterior architect of the house does, but from the inside. A skilled interior designer knows how to transform the existing design of the contractor and add to it an emphasis to establish the unique sense of identity of the tenants.

It identifies the key elements in the lifestyle and designs the home accordingly. 

Appliance design

The electrical products and their correct location must be chosen wisely in order to make maximum use of the kitchen space, leaving enough space for a work area and creating a pleasant design in accordance with the existing conditions.

The kitchen is designed according to the division of three fixed areas: the dishwashing area, the work area, and the storage area. Proper design of these areas provides a comfortable and efficient movement option in the kitchen, which is no less important than the overall aesthetic design. 


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