How to Reduce Costs to Have a Gorgeous Living Room

Trying to decorate your living room but are on a tight budget? We can help! Today we’ll be discussing designer tips to help you cut costs while enhancing your living space’s style. We live hard in our living spaces! It’s where we entertain, relax, read, watch TV, drink wine at night, and coffee in the morning.

It’s where we shamelessly stay up all night bingeing on sitcoms and eating dinner on a tray.  

So, if you’re designing a new living space and you have a pinched budget, where should you start? According to Forbes, interior design is all about balancing splurging on statement pieces and savings. Savings rescue your budget! Here are clever tips and ideas for a living room that is big on style, yet tiny on expenditure.

This expert guide will ensure a gorgeous living room with high-end decor on a budget!

  1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Believe it or not, getting rid of clutter and using your storage to bring personality will ultimately transform a room. If you do not already have the perfect living space storage, take advantage of your bookshelves or open shelving. These can perfectly be used to further update the living space. Swap regularly what is kept on them, add photos, art pieces, plants, magazines and books to come up with a new focus.

  1. Go for One Acciet Piece – a Womb Chair 

As you can’t update the whole furniture being on a budget, go for a much-needed accent chair, like a Womb Chair.

Not only does this vibrant green-yellow Womb Lounge Chair add gentle accents to the entire space, it also beautifully brightens it up. This piece designed by mid century mastermind Eero Saarinen brings a designer touch, elevating the look. This sculptural, enveloping, organic beauty immediately catches your eye, while adding a tad of glamour.  

  1. Rearrange Furnishings

For the least pricey update of all, just repurpose what you’ve already got.

A new arrangement of furniture will work wonders in updating your living space’s functionality and look. Get help and begin moving furnishings around until you achieve an arrangement that’s ideal for your needs. Instead of the same old boring traditional layout in your living room, why not consider something fun like moving your furnishings away from the wall?

That would make the room look huge!

  1. Consider Some Greenery

Plants are a great way to add to your design arsenal. They bring shape, color and life to a room.

Luckily, there is a myriad of places you can pick up top quality, inexpensive foliage. Want to fill your room with greenery? Since big houseplants are still pricey, arrange groups of tiny house plants at different heights all over the living room. This way, you’ll create the illusion of the living room being filled with plants!

Houseplants at life to your living room decor… Literally!

  1. Light it Up

Something which does not cost much and may be updated quickly is living room lighting.

If you do not want your living room to look like an extra bright operating theatre, consider table lamps or floor lamps at different heights. You will instantly create cozy light pools that dramatically change the mood of the living space, simply by layering your lights.

Bear in mind that the right lighting is essential to showing off a beautiful design.

  1. Bring Color with Artwork

Make a colorful splash with hanging wall art.

Since art pierces are incredibly expensive and you need a budget-friendly solution, consider hanging wall art. Boldly colored hanging wall art is a cheap and quick solution that’ll brighten up the same old boring white wall.

And, they bring an on-trend bohemian flair or eclectic vibe. You may not even need to purchase anything as in the case of wall hangings.

You might already have an attractive bed cover in your home. 

  1. Come up With Attention-Grabbing Vignettes

Consider this easy update without spending a dollar.

Just round up similarly colored decor pieces to create a lovely vignette on your console or coffee table. By grouping similar decor pieces all together, you make them look like a collection.

This yields such an impact! This neutral colored vignette featuring gold pieces makes a bold statement in this mid-century living room.

We hope this info inspires you and that the brilliant decor tips help you have the living room of your dream.

Which of these budget-friendly tips have you tried before? Tell us in the comments section below! For high-end replicas like the Womb Chair above, we recommend Manhattan Home Design and Barcelona Designs or places like DWR if you can splurge for the originals.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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