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Tips to Reduce the Dirt Coming Into Your Office in Winter

From sticky floors to dirty boots and even flu-causing germs, cold winter months, unfortunately, drag a lot of dirt and potential threats into the office. That’s certainly true for me here in Central Texas and why thorough cleaning is required to keep the workspace in an orderly state.

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If you are an office manager looking for ways to limit the dirt coming into your office in the winter, follow these tips and maintain a positive and clean environment this season.

Consider Using More Floor Mats

As the cold weather rolls in, it becomes challenging to manage the amount of snow and dirt that finds its way into the building. Since workers continuously move in, out, or around the office, it becomes all the more challenging to keep the workplace clean. However, some things can be implemented to assist in decreasing the amount of dirt that enters the office.

For instance, keeping floor mats or rugs near doors and entryways can help prevent dirt from traveling. This practice will not just confine the debris to one area, but also prevent people from slipping due to wet floors.

Encourage Your Team To Use Indoor Shoes

You can also consider the use of indoor shoes. By encouraging your team to take off their shoes in a storage room, you can help to reduce and eliminate the amount of dirt that enters the office. Much like the mats, indoor shoes can help maintain a clean and appealing work environment.

During the winter, floor and carpet retain the most grime and require deep cleaning. Implementing the use of indoor shoes and employing steam cleaning services can help eradicate the dirt buildup on floors and carpets.

Adopt the Shoe Cover Culture

The best away to decrease the amount of dirt that is often brought inside by boots and outdoor shoes is to provide the guests with shoe covers.

By adopting the shoe cover culture, you are helping to manage the dirt that comes into your workplace. This also helps in restricting dirt to the inside of the shoe cover and prevents it from transferring to the office floors.

Avoid Buildup and Disinfect

Along with grime and dirt in the winter, there are cold and flu germs that circulate in the air. While employing the above-mentioned methods in your office can help you keep your office in good shape. But, you must also engage in additional cleaning habits to make your office a healthy and germ-free environment.

To keep this under control, wipe and disinfect the work stations often. Doing so will help to eliminate dirt buildup, and it will also help to cut down on the sick days taken by your employees.

All in all, disinfecting regularly can help improve air quality and reduce the amount of dirt that can accumulate with daily traffic.

Wash the Windows

Washing the windows of your office might seem like a waste of time in the winter, but it is very important. Dirty windows become cloudy and reduce the amount of sunlight entering the office.

When windows are clean, natural light not only heats up the workplace but also eliminates the moisture found in the office, especially on floors and carpets. What’s more?

Increased natural sunlight can also boost the morale and productivity of your team.

Hire A Cleaning Service 

Everybody loves and enjoys a cleaner and comfortable workplace, and keeping up with their expectations and maintaining a clean office can improve their productivity. If you think it is impossible to uphold the cleanliness of your office by yourself, then you should consider employing experts of commercial cleaning in Toronto.

By following these tips, you can keep your office healthy, safe, and germ-free during the cold winter months.