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In Relationship with a Single Parent: Things you need to know

If you’re a single guy looking for a girl to date, do you tend to have a ‘wishlist’ when it comes to personal attributes? Perhaps you are instinctively drawn to a certain body type or cultural background? Are you more focused on personality than physical attributes? Are you keen to meet someone to start a family with, or would you have no problem falling for a single parent and welcoming stepchildren into your life? Here’s what you need to know about single-parent dating.

The online environment is perfect for starting relationships

Single parents often feel a little cut off from their social lives, especially if their children are very young and need maximum attention.

Much as they might love to be able to lead the same pleasurable social lives they did before starting a family, this is no longer going to be so convenient.

Within the tap of a few buttons on their computer keyboard or smart device, they can access their dating account, then start looking for a girl to date and flirting with other singles straight away, setting off on exciting new romantic journeys. There are so many dating sites and apps to choose from but in order to make your experience successful you need to choose a reputable site or app for what you’re looking for.

Online dating also can save you so much time because you can get to know someone a bit before you go out.

Understand their priorities

The clue is in the title: the most important aspect of any single parent’s life is parenthood.

If you get into a relationship with someone who has children, accept that when it comes to priorities, you will be so much further down the pecking order.

If you’ve been used to an active social life with people you have dated previously, then be aware that you can’t expect a ‘whirlwind’ romance, characterized by nights out, regular trips to restaurants, or weekends away. Your new partner might not always find it convenient to arrange child care, so you will have to work around their timetable, never the other way round.

Don’t think you need to step into any role

No single parent will expect you to take over the position that has been vacated by the father of their child, or their ex-partner.

If they are keen to embrace a new relationship, either by being introduced to someone by friends or as increasingly the case these days, after flirting in the online environment, they are far more likely to be keen to draw a line on the past.

There may be unfortunate memories, or they might just be the type of person who is optimistic about making plans for the future. When you get involved, don’t feel as if you’re going to have to live up to expectations. This union should signify a new start.

There’s more to a single parent than parenting

Try and think beyond the fact your new partner is a parent, and look at the overall picture.

First and foremost, they are a person, with desires and aspirations, ambitions and passions. Focus on aspects of their character you find endearing. As you are getting to know them better, either by exchanging regular text messages or during face-to-face dates, ask about their motivations in life.

Discover all the wonderful things you have in common, and think of how these shared interests will present the opportunity to bring you even closer together in the longer term. You will soon be kindling wonderful sparks of chemistry.

Embrace your stepfamily

Never be put off by the notion of getting involved with someone who has what society has so unfairly labeled as ‘baggage.’

To make the most of your exciting relationship, consider the positives of having entered the environment where you are now an integral part of a family dynamic, surrounded by people who will grow to love you.

Jeff Campbell