5 ways relationships are good for your health

There can be no doubt being in a contended relationship will leave you feeling satisfied.

Whether you met on a dating service like this or at your local bar, knowing someone is waiting at the end of the day, ready to embrace you, plan fun activities with, and listen to your gripes, is far preferable to returning to an empty home.

If you are ‘going steady,’ you might take this all for granted. But what you are perhaps less likely to be aware of if this interesting fact: being in a relationship it is also very good for your health and wellbeing. Here are five reasons why.

Partners will help promote a healthy lifestyle

When you are with someone romantically, there is an increased likelihood of you being encouraged to look after your health.

While there will be some couples who will use contentment as an excuse to take root in their couch, the TV remote, and a ready supply of snacks to hand, far more will take the opportunity to collaborate in exercise and healthy diets.

Whether this means encouraging a partner to give up smoking, or to take out joint gym memberships, people involved in a relationship will be more likely to adopt a positive outlook, aspiring to maintain healthy lifestyles for the benefit of their time together.

Married couples are less prone to heart disease

Research has consistently thrown up the fact that married couples are much less prone to cardiovascular issues.

The less welcome news for singles is they are demographic shown to be at high risk of heart disease. Any number of factors could explain this situation, but a healthier lifestyle and lower levels of stress or trauma are undoubtedly chief amongst these.

Stress levels will be significantly reduced

Taking that latter point, one of the most significant ways in which relationships are good for your health concerns mental wellbeing.

Stress levels are a major factor of mental health conditions. If you are enjoying a contented and committed relationship, you are far more likely to feel relaxed as your ‘default position.’ If you have a partner, you can rely on them when it comes to sharing issues or worries, encouraging you to look at the positive side of things.

Should things ever become more stressful than you can cope with, a loved one will not only provide a shoulder to cry on, they will be proactive in suggesting solutions, such as seeking professional advice. 

There are scientific reasons why intimacy feels wonderful

It seems only natural to enjoy being intimate with your partner.

But there are genuine medical reasons why close contact can give you a distinct ‘buzz.’ The body is tuned to enjoying close contact, so even when we brush lips or stroke the skin of someone close to us, our brains will react by releasing a series of hormones. This is especially the case when couples are actually being intimate together.

These hormones will surge throughout your body, promoting feelings of positivity. The sensation of experiencing these hormonal rushes has been described by scientists as being similar to the feelings of taking certain recreational drugs. No wonder songs have been written about love being so addictive!

You will live longer

Another aspect of being in a relationship which has been highlighted during medical research is the fact that couples have a longer lifespan than their single counterparts. Again, there will be a great many factors at play here, but better cardiovascular health and significantly reduced instances of mental health conditions are all factors which will promote longevity.






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