Renovate To Rent During Lockdown

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Although it may seem like times are hard for the housing market because of people stuck in lockdown; many parts of the world are seeing a boom in interest simply because people want to escape from their homes. 

For those who have had the same four walls as company for the last 6 months, the idea of a new homeowner and a new life is enticing and many people are looking for a house to buy or rent this year. 

As an investor and a renovator, now is the time to take the chance to renovate some houses on a budget and sell or rent them this winter. Here are some of the simple ways to take an old drab house and get it ready for renting this winter. 

Gloss the doors 

The glosswork of the doors, stairs, and skirting boards of the house might not seem like a win or lose feature at first: but it can brighten the whole space when done correctly this year.

Gloss painting your house is a job that will take some time, but one which will take old dream doors and frames and brighten them up to a beautiful fresh white. It is a simple trick that will increase the size of the house as well as make it look and feel more modern.

To gloss a surface effectively, be sure to sand away the old layer before you begin so that the paint can adhere. Once your home has been freshly glossed it will look like new! 

Refresh the carpet

When looking for a house for rent during winter: the cosy factor is something people will be on the lookout for.

A place to curl up on the sofa and spend Christmas at home is the aim for many people this year; so creating a comfy and cozy environment is a must.

One simple way to do this without splashing out on tons of cushions and other soft furnishings is to get a new carpet. New carpet is amazing, and a fresh fluffy floor will create the immediate feel of coziness and warmth in your rental. 

Use LED lights 

Instead of installing lots of regular halogen light fittings around the house; why not switch to LEDs this time? LEDs are much better for the environment and they are also more modern and sleek.

By installing some LED lights around the house you’ll not only save money on your electricity bill, but they will fit into the ceilings and make the rooms of the property feel bigger.

People like to feel like they have space, and these lights will contribute to this feeling effortlessly. 

Work with neutral colors 

When renovating a house to rent out or sell – it is very important not to get carried away with your own interior design ideas and taste. The last thing you want to do in a rental home is decorating it exactly how you like because this might be someone else’s idea of a nightmare.

To entice people to live in your property, stick to a neutral colour palette with white, greys, creams and other tones. This will allow anyone who moves in to feel like they have a blank canvas upon which to make their home their own. 

Cut cost with Lino 

Tiles and laminate flooring can be an expensive outlay at home, and when you are renovating to rent out it is important to save every penny you can.

This is why it is a great idea to cut the cost of your renovation by installing Lino rather than tiles or laminate flooring. Lino flooring is incredibly cost-effective and you can get your hands on a lot of beautiful designs. Spruce up the place for less and allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of saving money. 

Integrate appliances 

When working with a small space, one of the biggest challenges is creating the illusion of space at home.

In the bathroom, for example, a crowded room with a bathtub and shower above as well as a toilet, sink, and storage unit can make the whole room feel cramped.

Consider instead, installing an integrated bathroom and kitchen for your house. It will save space and it is also a lot easier for you and your tenants to clean and keep on top of. 

When renovating a house to rent or sell there are many jobs you can do to entice your buyers and make the house feel like a home. By creating a simple, clean blank canvas for your tenants this year, they will be happy to move in and put their own stamp on the house in time for Christmas. 

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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