Important Details: What to Pay Attention to When Renting a Property in Turkey

Long-term apartment rental is in great demand in Turkey. First, the holiday season here lasts a long time. If you buy real estate in Istanbul, you will be able to live in warm areas for about six months. Second, some expats prefer not to buy housing, but to rent for a long time even when moving to Turkey for a permanent residence. Third, rent is convenient for those who are looking for a place to buy, and long-term rent allows you to fully experience all the features of life in a new place. If you want to know what to pay attention to when renting an apartment, read this article.

Rental housing in Turkey: conclusion of an agreement

Turkish legislation obliges the renter and the owner to conclude a long-term rent agreement. The rent agreement prescribes not only the term and price of the rent, but also such nuances as the condition of the real estate. You need to show maximum care: if at the conclusion of the rent you see that some of the pieces of furniture or appliances have flaws, this must be included in the contract so that there will be no claims against you later.

The agreement is signed in two languages: Turkish and the renter’s native language.

What is important to know

Firstly, the following classification of layouts has been adopted in Turkey: «1+1», «2+1», «3+1» and so on. The first figure in each pair means the number of bedrooms, the second is the presence of a living room. Thus, «1+1» means a two-bedroom apartment.

You should be ready for the fact that the price for rent may change. In Turkey, it is allowed to increase the rental price even during the term of the agreement, but only by 20% or less.

In some cases, the owner may ask for an advance payment not for 1-2 months, but for 6. This is common. However, in this case, you can bargain and bring down the price on the condition of payment for six months in advance and this is also normal.

Utilities are most often included in the rental price, and the bills are paid by the owner. However, it is worth including this line in the agreement, so that there will be no disagreements later. Besides, it will not be superfluous if in the agreement you write down the current repair and repair of plumbing.

We recommend you to familiarize with the rules of living in a residence. It is determined individually. For instance, in some residential projects it is forbidden to swim in the pool after a certain time or have a barbecue on the terrace on some days. Specify the possibility of having a pet, as the owners do not always allow such a neighborhood.

When looking for a place to rent, it is best to contact trusted agencies or search aggregators. This way you will not only protect yourself from fraudsters, but also simply will not spend extra time calling non-existent or already rented apartments.

Our assistance in choosing real estate in Turkey

You can find out more about the districts and cities of Turkey, as well as interesting rental and sale offers on the official Turk.Estate website. Go to the aggregator’s website, where only real estate offers are presented. Use the search to find real estate by price, location or other parameters of interest to you and contact specialists. They will help you with the choice!


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