How to Resume Piano Playing After a Long Gap

Picking up piano at a young age amid the musical atmosphere of Plainview can be quite natural. However, not finding time to keep at the practice at a later stage can occur to anyone, specifically growing adults who have to earn their living. It happens to many people. So don’t feel embarrassed if you are out of habit.

But do you want to start playing it again? It is quite possible to wonder whether you can learn it once again. The prolonged absence can instill your heart with both hesitation and self-doubt.

Don’t entertain any negative thoughts, and look ahead to restarting a new journey.

Many adults tend to be impatient about this. When they decide to restart, they go out shopping for a piano and try their hands straight at intricate musical pieces.

They attempt everything without any planning and eventually quit once again. Please don’t behave the way others do. It may not be simple to pick up from where you stopped some years back, but you deserve to give yourself a chance.

Here are a few suggestions to help you with this journey.

The objective analysis

After attending a piano event in Plainview, you would have gone back to check your skills.

As frustrating as it can feel when you sit on the piano after many years and struggle playing it. However, it would be best if you did not allow disappointment to cloud your mind. Your fingers may have lost agility; your memory can be a little weak. Still, you would remember some portions of your basic lessons.

So it is vital to take a structured approach to this whole thing rather than striking random keys. You may end up surprising yourself by remembering how many aspects you know even today, despite the distance of time.

Besides, remind yourself that mastering any instrument takes years of effort. You cannot achieve it within months. If you want to be an advanced level player, you would have to be devoted to this musical instrument.

All this analysis would keep your overambitious zeal in control and help you take matters with more seriousness and intent. It would not take much time to get back to your earlier level of skills.

It is just that you need to be patient about this process. Go slowly. After all, you don’t want to look back and regret what you should have done and should not have done.

The road ahead

After a considerable gap, it is natural to feel restless about everything to get the actual speed and finesse.

In such an endeavor, people often adopt different methods. For example, they believe video tutorials or online forums can help them. While it can be useful to a certain extent, nothing can be comparable to getting real-time feedback from a teacher. A piano teacher can guide you, motivate you.

They can tailor the learning process based on your personal needs, which no other technique can ensure. Finding a place for learning piano should not be challenging. Search for ‘Plainview piano instructions near me’ on the internet, and you will come across many options.

You can note down top results and quickly arrange a call or meeting with them to identify the most suitable place for your learning.

The practice sessions

Since practicing forms an integral part of learning any musical instrument, piano playing is no different in this sense.

Although you enrolled yourself in a music school for proper training, you have to put in extra effort from your end to pick up things faster and better.

Some believe that dedicating 20 minutes to structured practice sessions can yield beautiful results.  You can divide your time for scale and arpeggios, moderately tricky piece, a favorite composition, etc. At the same time, keep a notebook handy to track what you practiced and your improvements.

It can be excellent for your confidence to notice progress in your endeavors.

However, again, be reasonable with your ambition. If you play a challenging musical passage, you would have to remind yourself to keep patience. Also, you should follow it with proper strategy.

If there are several melodies or harmonies, you can go about them one by one instead of trying to get everything right in one go. Practice every line multiple times unless you become familiar with them. Also, after using one hand, play with both hands together. Increase your speed slowly.

Sticking to this, along with correct guidance, can help you achieve your ultimate aim.

In the end, you must enjoy every moment and experience of piano playing if you are genuinely in love with this instrument. It should not be too much of a problem when you live in a place like Plainview, where music runs in the veins of the people. If you do these things, you can soon start playing the piano once again, never to leave it.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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