Questions You Must Ask About Retirement

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It’s fair to say that many people put off thinking about retirement as much as possible. They don’t want to dwell on something that is so far off into the future. However. Retirement isn’t quite as far away as you think and it’s important to plan and prepare for this time in your life. 


First, you should always consider where you want to retire.

It’s unlikely you’ll be retiring in the home that you live in right now. The problem with doing so is that you will be in a position where the home isn’t equipped for your needs as you age.

For instance, while you can probably climb up the long flight of stairs with no issues now, in the future it could easily become a nightmare.

So, that’s why many people retire to bungalows. You might also want to make sure that you retire to one of the many 55+ communities so that you have people around you who are the same age. This will provide both comfort and security. There are countless wonderful communities like this to choose from as well. 


So, when should you be thinking about retiring?

Well, this is a difficult question to answer because it does depend on your individual position. You need to make sure that you can afford to retire at a given point in time. This means that you need to know how much money you’re going to need to retire comfortably.

Again, that’s going to depend on your goals for retirement because some people have big ambitions.

While it certainly won’t be the norm in the next ten years, retiring at 65 is a healthy goal to aim for. It will ensure that you still have plenty of time to enjoy your retirement and get the most out of it, regardless of what your plans are for this point in your life. 

What Next?

So, now that you know that you should be thinking about your retirement, you’re probably wondering what steps you should be taking. Not to worry, we can help you there.

The first step is to speak to a financial planner. They should be able to help you understand your assets and your current position right now. They should also be able to help you increase your finances by making the right investment decisions, whatever they may be. You need to think about how to push yourself forward financially and increase your income. 

Next, it’s important to set a goal of when you want to retire and work out a budget to ensure that you will have financial freedom. There are numerous challenges to gaining financial freedom but once you set a goal point in the not too distant future, you will be on the right path. 

Finally, you should start preparing for your retirement now. This does include preparing the home for a future sale which will be basically inevitable. You must ensure that you can sell your home for the right price and this does mean keeping it up to date. 

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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