Light the Flame with Adventure: 4 of the Most Romantic Shore Excursions

Your anniversary is coming up and you’re at a complete loss at what to do.

You’ve been with your partner for a while so you feel like nothing you could do could really surprise them anymore. There is one option that never fails to be unique no matter how many times you do it, however.

Nothing says I love you more than a romantic cruise. The romance doesn’t end at the dinners, and alone time on the sea, though. Some of the shore excursions that you can go on are something right out of the cover of your favorite romance novel.

So, grab your honey and explore the skies with a helicopter tour, or check out exotic food and wines. There is no limit with these romantic cruise excursions.

1. Helicopter Tour

Take your loved one to a whole new world with a helicopter tour. It gives you a chance to see architecture, fauna, and other amazing sights in a way that you never thought possible.

Compare prices before you commit to one of these shore excursions. Helicopter rides are expensive. You don’t want to get caught off guard.

2. Couples Massage

Life is stressful which is why you should melt it all away with a relaxing couples massage. While some cruise lines offer this on the boat, you can also get one done on the beachfront when you reach the shore.

While this particular excursion was fairly expensive in the past, it’s actually gone down by a lot recently. So it’s a way you can get off the boat and enjoy the shore excursions offered by Celebrity for a fraction of the cost.

3. Food and Wine

If you and your partner are foodies, you won’t want to miss out on going on a food and wine excursion. You’ll get the chance to be walked through different food cultures by some of the best culinary experts.

You’re given insight on food styles so who knows, you may leave with dinner ideas that you and your partner can make together at home.

4. Zipline

Are you and your partner adrenalin junkies? If so then you will want to book a zipline excursion. On top of having the adventure of your lives speeding through forests and other exotic areas, there are also obstacles.

They’re not too dangerous by any means but you and your partner will still have to work together if you’re going to overcome them. It’s heart-pounding fun that will make you closer than you were before you did it.

Romantic Cruise Excursions to Do with Your Favorite Person

If you’re not sure what to do for you and your partner’s anniversary look no further than a romantic cruise excursion.

Nothing will tickle your tastebuds, get your heart pounding, or relax you quite like these excursions will. We hope you’re able to use this guide to pick out the best one for you and your loved one.

This is your anniversary so you want it to go off without a hitch. Here are a few vacation planning tips that you’re going to want to use.

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