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5 of the Safest Family Vehicles on the Market

Deciding on the next family car can be enjoyable but bear in mind that safety should always be a priority. When selecting the most suitable car for your family, safety comes first. To help you make the best decision for your family, we have listed five of the safest family vehicles.

Honda Odyssey: For The Larger Families

This 5-star safety-rated car has a trademarked Honda body structure called ACE, Advanced Compatibility Engineering. This system distributes collision energy away from the passengers and minimizes damage to the other vehicles involved.

The I-SRS airbag system was invented by honda, a feature that in the event of an accident or sudden deceleration, the control unit sense and tightens each passenger’s seat belts to reduce injuries. The Odyssey is a family wagon with a lot of boot space and can comfortably seat eight people with a full boot of groceries or a family holiday.

Even though this vehicle has a high safety rating, accidents can happen. In the event of a car accident, Console & Associates is an expert law firm specializing in vehicle accident claims.

Toyota Rav4 Best SUV

This sizeable family-sized SUV comes standard with brake assist and stability control, giving you a safe drive, lane keeps assist, and lane departure warning. So when you need to keep an eye on the road and your children, it will make life easier and safe.

The RAV4 comes with the front, rear, and side airbags, so being involved in an accident, you will be better protected against injuries. The RAV4 is also great for long-distance driving and can also go off-road if you like to have adventure holidays with your family.

Ford Expedition Large SUV

This family car is one of the safest for anti-hijacking technology; the Expedition has an ample amount of boot space and enough power to pull a large trailer or caravan. The Expedition also comes with heated mirrors for those cold days and reverse parking and parking assist.

The Ford Expedition also comes with the EcoBoost system designed to reduce emissions by 20%, so it’s a perfect car for the environment.

Kia Niro Hybrid

The Kia Niro can do an incredible 193 miles on this hybrid car’s battery; this car comes equipped with high rating safety features, including front and rear airbags, ABS. This is a spacious car for a medium to a large-size family as it’s rated as an SUV cross-over, so you can be sure that there is enough space for a family.

Hyundai i30 Tourer Best For Baby

This car has been rated as the best for babies in the family category.

The Tourer has the perfect space between the front and back as it’s not too large to be in reach of your baby. The boot can easily carry a stroller and grocery bags, as well as all the modern features of any five-star rating.

This car is not too large, and the driver can easily reach towards a baby in the back seat when in a safe place to stop. Also, not too pricey so that you will have extra money for the baby’s needs, but safety needs are met with this car, as well as an all-around excellent driving experience.

Keeping in mind that safety comes first when buying a family car, it’s an excellent decision to put your family’s needs first. Regardless of your additional expectations, safety should be the first concern when buying a new family vehicle.

Jeff Campbell