Sandwich Grill for Home: Which One to Choose?

Each of us loves to have hot sandwiches for breakfast… What to use to make them fast early in the morning? Sandwich grills, of course! But to easily make your favorite meal, you need to buy a device that meets all your needs and wishes.

In this article, I will try to facilitate the process of choosing the sandwich makers that would fit most customers.

By Roy Emerson, father, and editor of the HomeDweller Blog. 

Selection criteria

According to, a sandwich grill is a kitchen appliance that allows you to quickly and deliciously make a nutritious snack.

This device is especially irreplaceable for cooking flavorful breakfasts with crispy golden toasts, stuffed with cheese, herbs, and ham.

Such a breakfast will not only cheer you up in the morning but also charge you with positive energy for the whole day.

Also, with the help of this assistant, you can easily cook a delicious lunch and nutritious dinner. In many cases, cooking with this helper can be done without oil which has a positive effect on the health benefits of the products used.  

Before you buy such equipment, you should decide on the required set of functions for yourself.

Tip 1. Do not purchase devices that are saturated with additional programs of any kind, knowing in advance that you will not use them. In addition, it will save you from overpaying for unnecessary functions.

To save your time when searching for the right equipment, it is best to seek help from consultants who will tell you the necessary information.

Among the set of features of sandwich makers, attention should be paid to:

  • The appliance’s ready indicator;
  • Locking mechanisms of the device;
  • Housing;
  • Non-stick plates;
  • Surface stability;
  • Cost.

These features should be considered in more detail.

The ready indicator allows you to indicate that the device is ready for cooking at a certain point in time.

It is more convenient to use sandwich grills with this indicator located on the top and visible from any angle.

There is no need to stand by the appliance and wait – a clearly visible indicator will tell you about that at the right time.

When choosing a sandwich grill, you should focus on the mechanism of its locking.

It can be used to open/close the plates easily. This mechanism will help you to understand that the device has too many ingredients, prevent the early malfunction of the appliance.

The housing material also plays an important role. It is recommended that it be made of non-heated materials that are safe for human health.

For a sandwich maker, it is important to be stable on the surface through the use of specially installed feet.

Choose firmly standing devices, rather than oscillating in different directions to avoid accidental knock-down and further malfunction. It is also advisable to choose sandwich grills with anti-skid feet.

Of course, when buying such a thing, it is necessary to pay attention to its cost.

No need to overpay for a bunch of functions that you will never use. Buying too cheap devices is also undesirable, due to the simplest materials that will eventually fail. Try to choose the best value for money ratio.

Which material is better?

The most common materials for a sandwich grill housing are plastic and steel.

Plastic models are typically less expensive than their competitors in steel. If you accidentally drop such a sandwich maker, its housing will collapse from hitting a hard surface.

Devices with steel housing are more durable. Stainless steel makes the equipment more reliable and protects all internal elements from mechanical damage.

Devices with stainless steel housing are known for their long service life, but, also, a higher price.

Many stainless steel models are equipped with a convenient heat-insulated handle that allows you to touch the assistant at the time of sandwich making and do not get burnt.

Such a handle is especially important for families with children who are constantly touching all the surrounding objects.

These sandwich grills are able to protect human hands from accidental burns from accidental touching of the hot inside surface of the device after the sandwich making process is finished.

Number of plates

Buying a sandwich grill, many owners want to buy a multifunctional device that can cook several different dishes and combine various household appliances.

Thus, not only the family budget is essentially saved, but also kitchen space, due to the absence of superfluous devices.

The functionality of this device directly depends on the number of working plates. The more, the faster and more delicious sandwiches you get.

Tip 2. For larger families, it is better to buy sandwich makers with more than one plate for a faster making of the right amount of sandwiches. Usually, these models have more than two plates.

The devices with removable plates are indispensable for large families and creative hosts who love making sandwiches.

Thanks to these removable plates, the standard model easily becomes a convenient waffle maker or a grill.

Made of high-quality materials, the 3-in-1 models have a steel case with removable plates and can easily combine 3 important functions: sandwich maker, grill and waffle maker.

The cost of such a device will be slightly higher than the standard models but here everything is at hand, and it has great functionality.

If a practical hostess already has a separate waffle maker or grill in the house, she does not need to buy a device with these functions.

You can save a lot of money on the cost of the appliance. Therefore, you should make your choice when purchasing a grill based on the available appliances in your home and the future use of the device.

Important options

In addition to all of the above, there is also a set of additional features that you should pay attention to when choosing a sandwich maker. It is worth considering them in more detail.

  • Handle protection against high temperatures. When purchasing the device, give preference to models with a protective insulating layer of the handle. Such models are safer since they significantly reduce the risk of burns when touching the non-protected handle.
  • Heat protection. Models equipped with this system, as a rule, serve much longer, since they do not overheat during long-term use.
  • Non-stick plates. Yes, I have already mentioned it above, but still, this is a very important element in the structure of sandwich makers to reduce the risk of overcooking/overdrying the sandwiches. By the way, such coating eliminates the possibility of using oil/butter in the preparation of sandwiches, thereby preserving the unmatched taste and beneficial properties of all products.
  • Thermostat. This design in the device is indispensable for the preparation of other dishes, in addition to sandwiches. You can also use it to warm up a ready sandwich. Choose models with an adjustable thermostat, so you can warm up your favorite food to the desired temperature without waiting until it cools down.

These parameters will help you accurately determine the choice of an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Additional aspects

  • Pay attention to the shape and material of the feet. They directly affect the stability of the model on a countertop/table. It is advisable to purchase models with rubberized anti-skid feet, as they not only stand confidently on the surface but are also unable to slide on it. Such feet are usually a part of more expensive models, but with their help, you will provide a longer service life for the device since it greatly reduces the risk of accidental falls. In addition, due to these feet, a more stable device will not be able, at the most inopportune moment, to cause injuries and burns.
  • The length of the cord also matters. The longer it is, the more convenient it is to locate the device, but the risk of hitting the cord and dropping a sandwich maker from the table increases significantly. Models with short cords are also quite practical for kitchens, where outlets are close to the table. By the way, in this case, it is not possible to accidentally touch the given cord and drop the device. Therefore, which model to choose, in terms of cord length, is up to you.
  • Ready indicators are as important as other mechanisms for a good sandwich maker. Thanks to them, there is no need to stand and wait for sandwiches, the indicator will remind you of this by changing its color. If the model chosen by you is deprived of such a function, then it is undesirable to leave the device while the sandwiches are being prepared, otherwise, they may be overdried/overcooked.
  • The presence of a cord storage compartment allows you to save a lot of kitchen space and store the cord in a safe and secure place for children.

Top manufacturers

You can consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of certain types of sandwich makers that are in great demand among customers.


  • Advantages: mechanical control. Known for its even level of heat treatment, has anti-skid feet and an easy-care algorithm;
  • Disadvantages: has no toggle switch, the cord is short;
  • Average price: $20.


  • Advantages: fast sandwich maker, double-layer heat-resistant handle;
  • Disadvantages: in case of excessively stuffed sandwiches, the closing mechanisms of the plates do not always work;
  • Average price: $45.


  • Advantages: fast delicious sandwiches, easy to clean and maintain, even roasting;
  • Disadvantages: plastic material, no auto shut-off;
  • Average price: $23.


  • Advantages: multifunctional, various heat level, easy to use and wash;
  • Disadvantages: short cord length;
  • Average price: $53.

The presented recommendations will help you make the best choice and make the best choice at an affordable price.

Based on the criteria considered, you can decide for yourself which device is better. Have a nice shopping!

About the author of this post:

Roy Emerson is a technology enthusiast, a loving father of twins, a programmer in a custom software company.

Editor in chief of TheHomeDweller blog greedy reader and gardener.  



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