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Sauna Blanket Treatment: Is It Worth The Money?

Sauna blanket treatments have been in a lot of hype lately. If you’re thinking of buying a sauna blanket for yourself or booking an appointment in a nearby spa, it’s best if you keep yourself updated on the latest prices on the market.

To your good news, we’ve done all the research. Read on to find out how much is a sauna blanket treatment and does it actually worth the value?

How Much Does A Sauna Blanket Cost?

Sauna blankets can be quite expensive. Sauna blankets typically range between $100 to around $1000. The price differs depending upon the brand, the quality, and the functions a sauna blanket offers.

Before making an investment in a sauna blanket, you should make sure that the blanket is actually worth investing in. In addition, make it a point to be in aesthetic combined with the luxurious designs of your sauna units just like those that are offered by Audacia.

A good quality sauna blanket of a trustworthy brand can cost you around $400 to $600. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that the blankets below this price range are of cheap quality. However, it is essential to check the review of the product and make sure it heats enough.

Also, ensure that you can set the temperature and time of the session with ease. Moreover, it is also generally recommended to look for a low EMF sauna blanket.

How Much Does A Sauna Blanket Treatment Cost?

If you’re seeking a luxurious sauna blanket treatment experience once in a blue moon, or you want to experience it firsthand before you make the big investment on a personal blanket, sauna blanket treatments at the spas and clinics are the way to go.

Sauna blanket treatments at spas and clinics cost around $1 per minute, i.e., $45 for a 45 minutes session and $60 for a 60-minute session. However, if you’re sure that you want to be a regular client, they will surely offer you many discounted package rates.

Remember that this number is just an estimation, and the sauna blanket treatment cost can vary depending upon your service providers.

Many sauna blanket treatment providers also offer complimentary sound therapy and chromotherapy to enhance your sauna experience. These therapies are believed to use sounds and colors to promote relaxing and harmonizing vibrational frequencies in your body.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sauna Blanket?

Now that we have found out the estimated costs of sauna blanket and sauna blanket treatment sessions let’s discuss sauna health benefits, such that it is easier for you to decide whether or not a sauna blanket is a good investment for you.

Infrared sauna blankets give you healthier skin:

A sauna session makes you sweat profusely. The good thing is that the sweat also cleans the dirt and toxins out of your pores during the session, giving you healthier skin after. It also reduces some common skin problems such as acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Infrared sauna sessions are also believed to reduce wrinkles, pigmentations, and fine lines. In fact, they are considered a ‘low-level light therapy’, a skin light therapy used for treating problems such as acne and eczema.

Infrared sauna blankets help reduce body pain:

According to a study, infrared sauna sessions are found to be helpful to patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

The researchers noticed pain and stiffness improvement amongst the patients. Though the improvement was found to be short-termed, it was relieving for the patients. Also, the sessions did not cause any noticeable side effects.

Infrared sauna blankets help patients with chronic fatigue syndrome:

It is absolutely true that infrared sauna blankets sessions are incredibly rejuvenating. Lying in a relaxed, warm environment and getting rid of body toxins and dirt through sweat, who wouldn’t love that?

If you’re a sauna enthusiast suffering from fatigue, low and negative mood and energy, you will be thrilled to know that it has also been proven to be beneficial for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Infrared sauna sessions were found to be helpful in significantly reducing fatigue in a study. Also, patients experienced elevated moods and a significant reduction of the signs of anxiety and depression.

Infrared sauna blankets benefit cardiovascular health:

A review article has explicitly mentioned the possible benefits far-infrared sauna sessions can have on patients which chronic diseases and cardiovascular conditions.

In fact, sauna sessions are found to increase the heart rate of the users, similar to low-endurance cardio sessions. Many even label the infrared sauna experience as ‘a passive cardio workout’, and experts claim that saunas surely help improve the cardio health of the users.

Though the blood pressure is elevated during the session, sauna blankets are also found to lower blood pressure in the users below their baseline levels. Thus, these sessions are recommended against those with low blood pressure.

Dr. Adolph Hutter, a Harvard Professor, explains that the users’ blood vessels are dilated, given the increase in body temperature inside the sauna blanket. He further elaborates that this mechanism helps lower the blood pressure in the users.

Infrared sauna blankets help burn calories:

While there is no explicit evidence that infrared sauna blankets help in weight loss, they can undoubtedly be one of your best friends during your weight loss journey. Many fitness enthusiasts assert that a 30-minute of sauna session after their workout has aided a lot in their fitness journey.

Also, sauna blankets are advertised to burn 600 calories in around a 30-minute session. While many find this number to be too good to believe, sauna companies stand by this statement.

Is A Sauna Blanket A Good Investment?

We’ve finally come down to the ultimate question – Are sauna blankets worth the price?

By now, we know that sauna blankets, as well as the treatment sessions, can both be quite expensive. We have also mentioned the benefits sauna blankets provide. So, if you believe a sauna blanket can help you manage your physical and mental health, it is definitely worth investing in a sauna blanket.

Likewise, if you absolutely enjoy sauna sessions and can afford them, we’d recommend you to get a sauna blanket for yourself right away. If you are investing in self-care and taking out the time to do what makes your soul happy, you’re absolutely winning in life!


We hope to have provided you with all the information regarding how much is a sauna blanket treatment. If you have any tips on how to choose a good quality sauna blanket, drop the information down below. Also, let us know what your favorite brand of sauna blanket is; we’d love to know!

Jeff Campbell