Save Money On Your Car Insurance This Year


It’s simple to save money on your car insurance if you follow some basic advice. Don’t accept your first offer and try to negotiate. Do what you can to find the best deal you can get. Even things like changing your job title can get you a reduction. Here are some ways to spend less on car insurance.

Shop around

It’s better to do your research before getting out car insurance.

Shop around and use price comparison sites to find the best offers online. It’s often cheaper to go for a shorter-term deal. Don’t go for “auto-renew ” as this means that your premium will be renewed automatically with no room to negotiate.

You will save more money by going with a company that is willing to fight for you to choose them. 

Jazz up your job title

Tweak your job title to make it sound better without being dishonest.

Compare using “illustrator” instead of “artist” for instance, or if you run your own business, technically you’re the “company director”. This might sound better than putting “freelance plumber”. Try playing with a job picker online to make your job title get you a better deal.

As long as the job you put technically describes the work you do, this shouldn’t be a problem for the insurance company.

Consider used cars

Cheaper car insurance is one of the advantages of buying a used vehicle.

The reason for this is the dramatic depreciation that new cars go through compared to second-hand vehicles. New cars basically decrease in value as soon as you drive them out of the carlot. Unfortunately, they lose 11% on average of their value straight away and then more in the next few years.

Used cars have already gone through this depreciation and are not brand new anymore, so you won’t have the same problem. 

Become a safer driver

Avoid slamming on the brakes or the accelerator. Stay in control and don’t succumb to road rage. Always follow the traffic laws and don’t take any risks.

If you don’t have any issues you can rely on your no claims bonus. If the unfortunate does happen it’s not the end of the world, but it might make you think about ways you can be more responsible. Consider having refresher driving lessons if you’re either worried about feeling rusty or haven’t had much experience.

Legal Advice

Straight after the incident, you should file a detailed accident report.

You don’t want to be misinformed or lose out on your claim. For more complicated procedures such as truck accidents, speak to lawyers about making truck accident claims.

There could be a number of factors that might have led to the accident. You could be entitled to compensation. Make sure you are as informed as you can be about the claims process. Get all the details of the other driver and their vehicle.

Take plenty of photos and notes at the scene, and speak to any witnesses. All this information will help you later.  

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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