5 Tips on Creating Save the Date Cards for Grooms

If you’re a groom tasked with sending the save the date cards, this guide has you covered. Not only do save the dates provide some basic details, but they can also set the tone for your big day.

Are you having a destination wedding, will it be a black-tie affair? Give guests a preview of what’s to come. From the guest list to the details, this guide has everything grooms need to nail their save the dates.

1. Save the Date Designs Set the Tone for Your Wedding

A save the date is a print or electronic card that let guests know to mark your wedding on their calendars. The design of your save the dates can also give an indication of how formal your event is. If you’re having a backyard BBQ or a black-tie event at a hotel, your guests can get a sense of the vibe and formality.

You’ll also want to let your guests know if you’re having a destination wedding. The earlier the better so that people can plan accordingly. When it comes to the design, look at this as a kick-off to the rest of your wedding.

2. Decide Between Print and Electronic Cards

One of the biggest choices couples have is whether or not to print save the date cards or send them electronically. While there is no right or wrong answer, both have their pros and cons.

Electronic save the dates are typically more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Printed save the dates can be more formal and are viewed as more traditional. Whether you’re using a template or a professional designer, both options are extremely versatile.

3. Make Your List of Friends and Family

When you first get engaged, you should start writing out your guest list. This will affect everything from your budget to the size of your venue. Most importantly, this is where you’ll start to gather your address list.

Sit down with your fiancé and go over each of your guest lists. From here you can gather email addresses, and contact information to start sending out your save the dates. How you address these can also tell guests if they are getting a plus one, or if children are invited.

4. Must-Have Important Wedding Information

The point of the save the date is, of course, to tell guests when your wedding is. The save the date cards can also give guests the destination of your wedding as well as any travel information you have prepared.

Since you’re sending a formal invite later, focus on the date, the location, and any hotel or logistics you have set.

5. Get Started on Your Wedding Website or Registry

At this time, even if your wedding website is a work in progress you can include it on your save the date. Your wedding website can give guests more details than the save the date or even the invitation.

While this isn’t a must-have for any wedding, they can be great for telling guests more about accommodations, travel, and wedding events.

If you plan to register for gifts, it can be helpful to do so before the save the date goes out. People may look to send you engagement gifts or early wedding gifts if they are unable to attend.

Save the Date 101

Save the date cards give guests all the important details they need to know about your wedding. From when the big day will be to where use your save the dates to give them a preview of what’s in store.

As the groom, you’ll have plenty to do to prepare for your wedding. Remember these tips to help make sending your save the dates, an easy one to check off the old to-do list. For more great resources, check out the blog section for relationship and lifestyle tips.

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