How to See Snapchat History of My Girlfriend Remotely Without Her Knowing


Social media apps provide a fantastic way to connect with the world, although it has its downsides. Cheating has increased greatly following the invention of social media apps as it has created an opening for private connections with strangers all over the world. It has made it easy for unfaithful couples to chat away from their innocent partners’ prying eyes and ears with their illicit lover. Snapchat is a likely tool if your partner is cheating with you, and you might keep asking yourself: “How to see Snapchat history of my girlfriend?”

The fact that Snapchat deletes snaps after seeing them makes it a perfect place to work for cheaters.

Stop playing detective of the year and quit lurking around overthinking and replaying the broken disc of “How to View Someone’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing” in your mind. An outdated tactic is snooping through her phone. Mobile tracking tools can help you confirm your suspicions by locating shreds of evidence and proofs.

Keep reading to see how easily you can access your girlfriend’s Snapchat without her knowing.

How to see the Snapchat history of my girlfriend remotely without her knowing

Unlike all other platforms, after texts are received and read, Snapchat automatically erases the texts. The same thing goes for the media (snaps); they get erased immediately. If your girlfriend is using Snapchat, chances are she could be exchanging inappropriate snaps and texts with friends or even strangers.

There are various options to know if she’s cheating. Trying to get their phone in-person to access their Snapchat is the first way. She would have difficulty giving you her phone to go through it openly if she is cheating on you. The other way is to log in to your mobile device and access your girlfriend’s Snapchat account via a spy app installed on her mobile phone.

We handpicked three of the best spy apps that will reveal your girlfriend’s Snapchat history.

1.  mSpy

mSpy is the best option for guys thinking “how do I see snaps of my girlfriend.” It provides a hassle-free method for monitoring your girlfriend’s Snapchat. However, for you to be able to use the tool, it might require you to root her phone, but it will be well worth your time and money.

mSpy gathers the information (location, text messages, call info, etc.) from your girlfriend’s phone and transfers it to your mSpy account.

You only need to log into your mSpy account using any browser on your mobile or computer in order to search the details from the system you are monitoring.

Not only can mSpy give you access to her Snapchat but:

  • You may also track their posts, even if they are private or erased, and review the posts and see anything objectionable. You can also figure out who can see their posts.
  • The cPanel shows you if she texts or sends media to any secret number.
  • To listen in on incoming calls and outgoing calls.
  • With the GPS feature, to track and monitor her location.

How to get mSpy installed:

Step 1: Sign up for the account: Sign up using your email. Then select your preferred package, Basic or Premium.

Step 2: Select payment: To make the payment, you will then be routed to an entirely safe tab. You then complete this step after filling in all necessary details. Then press the ‘Submit Order’ button.

Step 3: Verify your mail: You’ll get a confirmation email after.

Step 4: Download mSpy on the target Phone: To install the app on the target’s phone, you must approve unknown sources on the desired phone. After installing on the target’s phone, tap on the confirmation message to confirm the email. Further instructions on the next to come with email.

Step 5: Start tracking: You can start the tracking as soon as the installation is completed, login to your mSpy dashboard.

2.  Cocospy

Wondering to yourself, how to check Snapchat of my girlfriend? Cocospy is the answer. It can monitor online activities on Android and iOS, and be used to keep an eye on your girlfriend. You can check for snaps and text sent to strangers or friends alike.

How to install

Step 1: Create an account: Sign up with an email address.

Step 2: Install the app on the target’s phone: It will require you to go through a setup process after registration. You should add a name on the first page of the Setup Wizard to identify the owner of the phone being monitored. As the setup method of spying on the Android phone and iPhone is slightly different, choose the OS running on the target phones or tablets. In this scenario, select ‘Android’ to continue, and complete the settings on the target computer according to further instructions on the email.

Step 3: Start Monitoring: To start tracking the target remotely, login to the Cocospy dashboard.

3.  Spyzie

You can easily use Spyzie the way you want, and it is possible to gather all the vital information about the target device. If you are experiencing difficulty installing the software, the on-site guidance will simplify the procedure for you to understand.

Follow these three simple steps to learn how to track your child’s Snapchat:

Step 1: Create your account: Visit Spyzie’s website, buy your subscription, and create your new account.

Step 2: Install the surveillance app: After subscribing, proceed with the installation process of the software on the target device. Go to Settings, and allow the download of Unknown Sources.

Step3: Start tracking: Go to the control panel to learn how to manage Snapchat, select the Snapchat option, and start tracking.


As you can see, the most powerful (and the most affordable) Snapchat spy solution for monitoring your girlfriend’s Snapchat is mSpy.

mSpy runs on all the leading Android devices and can also monitor many other popular apps for social media and messaging. It is a highly advanced tool, so be rest assured and put an end to your endless thoughts on how to see Snapchat history of your girlfriend!

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