What Every Patient Should Know About Self-Ligating Braces

Everyone is asking about the self-litigating braces and how is it better than the other kinds of braces.

This is why before you decide on your Braces HK, take this time to learn more about the self-litigating braces. This might be the best option for you!

Traditional braces are very effective, but when it comes to comfort and the length of time that a patient has to use it has become a problem. There are now plenty of technological advancements in orthodontics and one of them is to improve the level of discomfort and the time spent to be under treatment using self-litigating brackets.

All About Self-Litigating Braces

This is also called “Damon Braces” or “Smart Brackets.” Instead of using elastics to keep the archwire in place, your orthodontist will use the bracket itself to keep the archwire in place.

This is done by closing a small, spring-loaded door. This kind of bracket is becoming more and more popular for the past decades but we should know that this has already been around since the mid-1930s.

Advantages Of Self-Litigating Braces

The self-litigating braces might interest you, but let us first understand the advantages that it can give you.

So before making that decision, let us dig a little deeper why this should be your option when getting your braces done.

  • Quicker Orthodontist Visits. The process of closing the door or gate on these braces are faster compared to the traditional method where the orthodontist has to put elastics around each bracket to hold the archwires in place. This means that the patient will be in and out of the orthodontists’ clinic much quicker.
  • Lesser Pain and Discomfort. Since there are no elastics used to attach the archwire to the bracket, the wire in the bracket will have less friction and pressure needed to move the teeth. This will result in lesser discomfort for patients. You have to remember that the soreness will be reduced but it will not completely remove it.
  • Faster Treatment. Self-litigating braces have proven to help shorten the treatment time by up to 6 months. Still, this will depend on the type of malocclusion that is being treated. The severity of the case will also be considered.
  • Easier Cleaning And Flossing. One of the main concerns, when you have the traditional braces, is that it is a challenge everytime you want to clean and floss it. The latex material on the elastics and the rubber bands on traditional braces can easily trap food particles and cause plaque to form. With the self-litigating braces, there are no more elastics so cleaning and flossing will be easier and faster.

What To Expect With Self-Litigating Braces

As promised, the self-litigating braces are discomfort-free on most of your treatments. However, there will be an adjustment period when the orthodontist first puts them on. This can take a couple of days and may feel irritating for a while.

With your Braces HK, no matter what type you decide to have, your orthodontist will make sure that your decision is well-informed. The course of treatment is right for you but do not hesitate to ask questions with whatever information that confuses you.

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