Who To Hire When Selling Your Home?

Thinking of selling your home? Selling property can be a long and complicated process. By hiring a helping hand, you can make selling your home easier. Here is a quick guide on who to hire.


Realtors can help to advertise your property, organize viewings and help you find a buyer. You can sell your home without a realtor – many homeowners do it and it could save you a lot of money in commission.

However, the majority of people selling their home prefer to use a realtor to take away the stress and speed up the process.

Make sure to use a reputable realtor who is comfortable marketing your type of property. On top of considering large real estate companies, you may want to try boutique realtors such as camijoneshome.com. You can even try exclusively online realtors.


A conveyancer is a solicitor who specializes in property law.

Almost all buyers and sellers hire a conveyancer to handle the legal paperwork. Such paperwork can be complex and you may not know what you’re doing without legal expertise.

Spend time shopping around to find the best quote. If you’re also buying another property, your conveyancer may also be able to handle the paperwork involved with this new purchase alongside the selling of your home.

Home inspectors

A home inspector can check the condition of a property to ensure that there is no hidden damage. It’s usually the buyer that pays for a home inspection, but as a seller, you may also want to pay a home inspector to check that there is no hidden damage that could prevent a sale.

By paying for a home inspection a year or two before selling, you can then make any improvements that are necessary so that your home is in good condition for buyers.

Like conveyancer fees, home inspection fees can vary, so it’s worth shopping around for quotes. You can compare services at sites like angieslist.com.


A lot of homeowners pay a removals company to help move out their possessions.

You can move home without a removals company – if you’ve only got a few possessions to move and are not moving far, you may be able to simply hire a van and rope some friends into helping.

However, if you’ve got lots of possessions to move or are moving long-distance, you will likely need a professional moving team to help you.

There are lots of moving companies out there to choose from. Do your research into pricing and make sure that you choose a company with a good reputation.


After you’ve moved your possessions out, you’ll need to clean the property for the next owner.

This is a job that a lot of people do themselves, but you can hire a cleaning service to do it to take away the hassle and to ensure that the property is spotless.

Spend time comparing cleaning companies out there. Some cleaning companies may even specialize in home cleans.

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