Super Senses: Keeping Your Senses Alive To Help With Parenthood

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Raising children is a sensory experience. The smells and sounds your child makes will only be trumped by the sights which come from their direction, and not all of this will be pleasant. Of course, though, while some of the elements of parenthood can be a little bit gross, keeping your senses in check will be crucial if you want to give you little ones the best possible life.

To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the senses which can come in handy with a child, giving you the chance to keep them in the right condition.


Your vision is essential when you’re trying to raise a child.

Simply navigating a home that is filled with toys will be just about impossible if you can’t see properly, and a lot of the other jobs your child brings will be even harder. An optician can help you to maintain your vision, but you will have to go for regular appointments to make sure that you’re always on top of this part of your life.

Of course, though, it will also help if you keep the health of your eyes in mind.


Parents often have to look after their children while handling other jobs, and hearing can play a fundamental role in making this possible. It will be easier to keep your child safe if you can hear them, but you may need to go for a hearing aid fitting to be able to maintain your hearing into later life.

Some people need these tools much faster than others, and exposing your ears to loud noises can be an easy way to damage your hearing.


A lot of people will ignore their sense of smell when it comes to parenthood. Little things, like making sure that a diaper isn’t in need of changing, can be made much easier when you have a sharp sense of smell, though.

If you find yourself unable to smell things properly, it could be worth seeing a doctor. In a lot of cases, blockages can cause issues like this, and this will be far easier to solve than living without the ability to smell things. Thankfully, your sense of smell isn’t something that will degrade too much with time.


Medical conditions like arthritis can have a huge impact on your ability to feel things.

This is especially challenging when you’re trying to handle the complex and fiddly tasks which often come with a child, and a lot of parents find themselves struggling with it.

Keeping yourself active and maintaining a healthy diet will help with this, but you may also need the help of some medication to make sure that you can feel things properly.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of keeping your sense alive to help with your parenthood. A lot of people ignore this side of life, only to find that things get much harder as they start to lose their senses.

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