Shopping Cart Coffee Cup Holder Solutions (incl Target Carts)

shopping cart coffee cup holder Middle Class Dad coffee cup holder clipped to a shopping cart

When my wife and I go grocery shopping, we always do it in the morning and have coffee with us. But the carts never have any place to put a coffee cup! So I wondered if there was a shopping cart coffee cup holder we could buy.

Here’s what I found:

Amazon sells a simple shopping cart coffee cup holder. It snaps in place on any metal shopping cart allowing shoppers a convenient place to set their to-go paper coffee cups (and many slender travel cups) while they shop. But for Target, with plastic carts, there’s a different solution that also holds reusable bags.

But there’s more to know about this simple, but awesome shopping cart coffee cup holder (click to see it on Amazon). So let’s go a little further, including what to do at Target or other places with plastic shopping carts.

shopping cart coffee cup holder Middle Class Dad 2 coffee cup holders clipped to a shopping cart with beverages in them

In fact, it comes as a set of 2 and is under $13 bucks for the set! Not only that but it’s got almost all 5 stars on Amazon Prime, great reviews and no shipping.

So here is my overview of their shopping cart coffee cup holder.

  • It is made of aluminum/magnesium alloy and is light-weight
  • Holds a standard Starbucks-style coffee cup (even the Venti size)
  • Also holds typical juice/soda/smoothie type cups (or any tapered cup)
  • Does not hold standard soda cans
  • It clips on and off the standard wire-frame shopping carts used by most grocery chains
  • I haven’t tried it personally, but supposedly it also works with many sizes of wine glasses

shopping cart coffee cup holder Middle Class Dad coffee cup holder sitting on a table

So you can get 2 of these shopping cart coffee cup holder for under $13 (click to see current price on Amazon).

I know my shopping trips have improved significantly, so hopefully, they help yours too!

Ready to get a set? Take a look at Amazon right now!

How to attach a grocery cart cup holder at Target

Target notoriously has those red plastic shopping carts. 

They are distinctive and probably get stolen less since they would be easy to spot. But, these wire coffee cup holders don’t work very well on the Target carts.

Here’s what they look like in case you’re not clear:

As you can see, the plastic is thick; too thick for this cup holder to attach.

The irony is that most Targets have Starbucks inside of them, according to Coffeeble. While I have actually seen some Targets with cup holder attachments on their carts or available for use, most locations don’t offer them.

So what’s a Target coffee lover to do?

The answer, also available on Amazon, is from Toolaloo! It’s a multi-function drink holder that even gives you an easy way to hold your reusable grocery bags!

Here’s a shot of it in action at Target:

Even cooler is that it’s made in the USA of all recycled materials, but sturdy enough to hold up to 75 lbs.

It’s spring-loaded so it locks in place, under $25 bucks, eligible for free shipping, and has almost all 5-star reviews on Amazon.


Did I cover all you wanted to know about shopping cart cup holders?

In this article, I took a quick look at something that is clearly a first-world problem; being able to easily hold a coffee cup while grocery shopping.

We explored 2 different solutions for coffee cup holders that attach to shopping carts, including a solution for those that like to shop at Target.

Ultimately, we reviewed and discussed the best shopping cart coffee cup holders available.

Happy shopping!

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