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5 Signs You’re Dating a Married Man and How to Deal With That


Here’s a leading question. Would you ever consider having an affair? Or are you single, but suspect the guy you’re dating might be hiding a wedding ring inside a pocket? The bottom line is that married people sometimes see other individuals, while many singles are drawn to the excitement of ‘illicit’ relationships. Let’s delve a little deeper into the minefield of married dating, and how it might affect you, whatever your aspirations.

Why do people get into cheating?

There are many reasons why singles might seek encounters with someone who is already spoken for. It can be thrilling to enter into an arrangement involving a degree of subterfuge. This conjures movie plots of clandestine meetings in unfamiliar locations. Those who succumb to these affairs might have to live a lie and become creative with inventing excuses to be away from home, ensuring their ‘alibis’ are plausible. But they’ll also relish the buzz from conducting these secretive activities. As long as they always cover their tracks!

Digital environment

Married guys might consider the traditional offline venues for hookups, like bars or nightclubs, but the trouble with this option is that it is so public. They never know who might observe them leaving arm-in-arm with a stranger. Like a friend of a friend of their wife. With the advent of modern technologies and dating platforms more convenient way become to go online in order to arrange discrete hook ups.  The singles you meet on hook up sites will have uploaded their contact details for the same reason as you. They are eager to take advantage of this secure communication platform. This private channel is the perfect place to exchange messages, and develop a rapport.

Signs you’re dating a married man

So far we’ve examined why married men look for a ‘bit on the side,’ and how they’d go about this. But what if you’re in the position of being a partner without even knowing you’re the third party? Here are the five classic signs to watch out for.

  • We’ve mentioned the ring scenario. You won’t know if the guy you’re with has hidden this before the meeting. Does he subconsciously stroke the bare skin? Can you see an impression left by the band?
  • You’re rarely introduced to his friends, and he never invites you to family events. Forget ever expecting to see him during holidays. ‘Your place or mine?’ It’s never his place.
  • He is always making excuses for canceling dates or changing arrangements at the last minute.
  • If he’s experienced at having affairs he might remain cool, but if he’s new to this behavior, he could display nervous tics and mannerisms.
  • Does he have a roving eye? If he’s the type of person who has no intention of leaving his wife, you’re only ever going to be the second choice. This means he’ll also be likely to be keeping his options open. You could find yourself relegated to a third choice.

There are only really two ways to deal with your suspicions, depending on the strength of your feelings. Confront him, telling him you can accept it or you can finish the relationship. At least the decision is in your hands.



Jeff Campbell