7 Steps to Simple Casino Game Design

There is a huge collection of casino table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, available to all casino fans in Portugal. But were you aware of the fact that a few players always wish to design their casino games?

Individuals can design and market these to casinos or giant tech companies. However, designing casino table games is never an easy task. But are you motivated enough and willing to take the risk of creating your big hit?

The author Victoria Oliveira (discover more about her click here) lets you in on seven simple steps to help you design the next big casino hit.

Understand the Odds of Success Beforehand

Land-based casinos are always searching for innovative table games that can attract maximum players. Nonetheless, new games don’t come up every day as they do on online platforms, such as those reviewed at Casino Portugal Online.

There are just a few hits like Three-Card Poker and Pai Gow. Approximately one out of every 100 new table games becomes a hit by making it onto the floor – those are still decent odds. However, it would be best to put in plenty of effort while designing casino game ideas or table games if you are already aware of the slim odds of success.

Familiarize Yourself with the Industry

Creating a table game with a new idea is an overwhelming process. If you are an experienced maker of table games, you are already familiar with the industry’s ins and outs. This knowledge can help make notable improvements in new game concepts, ideally with rules that take players only 30 to 60 seconds to pick up.

Adding complex mechanisms to the casino game table may turn off players and often lead to failure.

Come up with an Idea & Rules

After knowing the industry well, you will have a more substantial chance of developing an out-of-the-box idea. Think of a brand-new idea. Most importantly, one that people will love from the start.

Also, keep in mind what type of new table games typically do well at casinos. You will see different variations of blackjack and baccarat all over the industry.

Also, keep in mind what type of new table games typically do well at casinos. You will see different variations of blackjack and baccarat all over the industry observed in different parts of the world, including online casinos in Singapore.

You can also take up the existing casino game ideas to add a twist and make them unique.

Decide on the Equipment

Think of specific equipment you require to run the game. For example, blackjack needs a table, whereas roulette needs a board and a wheel. Avoid using a piece of weird equipment that doesn’t suit your game, such as creating odd-shaped dice or adding jokers to decks.

You can think of something unique, but it should not alter classic casino games. It’s better to use a piece of equipment that is already widely available to bear fewer risks at the starting point when trying to break into the industry.

Calculate the House Edge

So here comes the most challenging part when you build your own casino game – figuring out the overall house edge! Sometimes the developers outsource this calculation to a skilled mathematician.

Non-skilled table games usually have a 3% – 5% house edge which can be defined in the casino game table. Ensure that the casino makes healthy profits without gouging players and focus on the volatility of your game.

Come Up with a Name and Patent your Game

Well, naming a casino game is an arbitrary process, but it is an important aspect that can break or make your efforts’ success. Don’t give your game any strange names. Always think of a name that is easy for the casino audiences to remember and refer to their buddies.

Add an inspiring word in its name that makes players wonder about winning big. Hire professionals who can guide you through the patent process and hope for the best.

Market your Table Game to Casinos

The last step is to approach casinos for a trial run of your game. They may ask for a 90 days trial to measure its profit potential. You need to present before them explaining why your game can be more successful than others.

Even though there is no guarantee of success, you need to prove that the game will generate good revenue in a short period. For marketing, you can contact larger companies or even rent booths at trade shows to showcase your creation.

Ready to build your own casino table game now? Develop an out-of-the-box game, and it may just become a profitable adventure. Study the existing industry and start making your ideal game plan, always keeping in mind its most relevant costs. Patent and market your game amongst Portuguese players and let your developer dreams reach new heights!

Jeff Campbell