Keeping The Spark Alive- Simple Ideas To Surprise Your Wife

Men and women are inherently different, so they think and act differently. For men, it is easy to fall short of the expectations of their women even if they do their best. Remember how badly she was pissed off because you forgot your first date anniversary?  Or how happy you made her by turning up early for her mom’s birthday dinner? Small things that sound trivial to men make a difference for women. You can seize these opportunities to surprise your wife and keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Here are some actionable ideas worth trying.

Experiment with your culinary skills

Come home early once a month and cook dinner before your wife returns from work. If you have a stay-at-home partner, wake her up with breakfast in bed on the weekends.

She will love this gesture as it shows how much you care for her. It need not be a lavish meal, just pick a simple recipe you can handle and don the chef’s hat. Rest assured that she will love whatever you cook.

Plan a surprise date

Even the strongest marriages tend to lose spark over the years.

Responsibilities at home and work leave no time for each other, and intimacy goes missing. Plan a random surprise date now and then to rekindle the romance. Pick her from her workplace and drive her to the best restaurant in the town. Send the kids to stay with grandparents and enjoy a steamy night after the date.

Show your love with gifts

Buy gifts for your partner on special occasions and even only to celebrate togetherness.

Explore for a personalized gift that speaks volumes about your feelings for her. It could be a piece of wall art replicating your journey together, a coffee mug with a special quote, or a picture frame with your photo collage. Think of creative ways to show your love, and she will be impressed.

Leave a love note for her

You may have the busiest schedule, but it is easy to shower affection on your partner with some creative writing.

Pen your feelings on small love notes and leave them at unexpected places like her closet, the refrigerator, and even the shoe rack. You can create a treasure hunt starting in the kitchen and leading her to the bedroom. Plan a special surprise with a bottle of wine, sexy lingerie, and a great night of passion ahead.

Book spontaneous trips

Retaining the spark in your marriage takes some effort and quality time alone with your partner.

A spontaneous trip a couple of times a year can do the trick. It need not be a luxury holiday, but you can make it special with some thoughtful planning. Arrange a safe stay for the kids so that you can take her out alone. Take time off from work and gadgets to be only with her.

Take opportunities to thank her often for loving you and being a part of your life. Small efforts go a long way in strengthening physical intimacy and emotional bonding in marriages. So go ahead and invest in them!

Jeff Campbell