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13 Amazing Single Dad Blogs You Should Follow

Looking for some inspiring single dad blogs to follow?

A great blog can inspire and motivate us.

It lets us know we’re not alone and that there are others out there, potentially tens or even hundreds of thousands, just like us.

There’s comfort in numbers and it’s nice to feel part of a community.

Communities of like-minded people going through similar stages in life help us learn and grow. That’s actually why I started my blog.

But if you’re a single dad, you’re in a unique boat and one I can’t completely relate to. And while there are a ton of resources out there for single mom’s, there really isn’t a lot for single dad’s.

While I’m not the first to compile a list of single dad blogs, mine is the most up-to-date and focuses on great blogs with great recent content designed to help you navigate these troubled waters.

So in this post, I’m compiling a list of 13 truly amazing and inspiring single dad blogs.

Whether you’re new to being a single dad or have been doing it a while, these blogs can definitely help guide, motivate and inspire you.

Single Dad Bloggers – Want to be on this list? Send me an email and let’s connect!

So let’s dive into the . . . 

13 Amazing Single Dad Blogs You Should Follow

Please note this is not a ranking and is in no particular order.

In order to be considered, the blog has to be written (primarily) by a single dad, with a focus on single dads and has to be current; meaning no abandoned blogs. They had to have at least 2 blog posts within the prior 4 months of this being compiled.

I’m also a bit picky about the look and feel of a site and excluded ones that didn’t look good on a mobile device or otherwise looked like they were built in 1998.

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1. The Single Dad’s Guide to Life

Covering food, parenting, humor, and lifestyle. Rooted in Southern California, but diverse enough for readers across the globe.

OVERALL FOCUS – Food, parenting & entertainment news

TOP POST – Become A Superdad To Your Daughter In Seven Easy Lessons

2. GO FATHERHOOD – Single Dad Under Construction

Dave Taylor writes about his experiences as a single dad with three great kids and his occasionally tenuous grip on sanity. He’s pretty sure they’re related.

OVERALL FOCUS – Family vacations, parenting & entertainment reviews

TOP POST – My Parenting Advice to Newly Single Parents

3. Memoirs of a Single Dad

single dad blogs Middle Class Dad Memoirs of a Dating Dad book cover

One of the original single dad blogs out there. Daniel started his site originally over 10 years ago and has a ton of great content for single dads.

He also has a book published called the Memoirs of a Dating Dad.

I almost didn’t include him as these days he is married again, but he has so much great content from his single dad days, that he’s well worth checking out. The site is part of a larger site about his photography.

OVERALL FOCUS – Reltionships advice for single dads, parenting

TOP POST – Co-Parenting 101: Three Tips for Dealing with an Unreasonable Ex and One Personal Story

4. Single Dad Nomad

An American father, a bi-racial daughter, and a lifetime to explore the world. Join Nicholas and his daughter Auburn as they travel the world documenting as they go.

OVERALL FOCUS – World travel with kids, parenting

TOP POST – Single Parent Travel: What, Who, Why, How

5. Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Parenting, Home Education and Lifestyle Blog. Martyn, from Kent, England uses his blog as “a place to share the highs and lows of family life from a single, stay at home dads perspective. The aim still remains the same: to document our life together and to show that education doesn’t need to be 9 – 5 Monday to Friday.”

OVERALL FOCUS – Parenting, home education and lifestyle

TOP POST – Big Heartbreak from a Little Boy

6. The Single Dad’s Guide to the Galaxy

single dad blogs Middle Class Dad Single Dad's Guide to the Galaxy book cover

Dr. Roger McEwan, of New Zealand, documents his journey having been a single dad for over a decade.

He also has published a book also called The Single Dad’s Guide to the Galaxy. He’s a dad, father, parent, teacher, and friend to his two children now aged 18 and 16. I just appreciate the Douglas Adams reference.

OVERALL FOCUS – parenting tips for tweens and teens

TOP POST – Alcohol & Teenagers

7. Bereaved Single Dad

This awesome English blogger takes a different spin than most in that the author lost his partner rather than divorced. Join his “ramblings of an average dad who is trying to deal with the loss of a partner while trying to cope as a single parent.”

OVERALL FOCUS – Parenting an autistic child as a widower

TOP POST – Model Parent

8. Must Be This Tall to Ride

As blog owner Matt puts it, “I write about marriage, relationships and divorce a lot because after my nine-year marriage ended, life got really hard for a while—even regular things like breathing and sitting still. That experience, combined with how much I didn’t like my parents’ divorce when I was little, keeps me writing things down.”

OVERALL FOCUS – Marriage, relationships and divorce

TOP POST – Safety and Trust in Relationships: Those Words Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

9. The Single Father’s Guide to Life, Cooking and Baseball

single dad blogs Middle Class Dad Single Father's Guide to Life, Cooking and Baseball book cover

Matthew S Field is a father to his 3 kids having lost his wife Lori to cancer over a decade ago.

He chronicles a wealth of tips on his website but he’s also a noted author of a number of books including The Single Father’s Guide, some non-fiction as well as some children’s books.

OVERALL FOCUS – Food, parenting, entertainment & lifestyle

TOP POST – First Date Sex and The Single Father

10. Dad’s Awesome Life

Join Jon Edney, father of 4 kids, as he writes about various topics like parenting, school, kids, being a man of God, relationships, and how he screwed up his marriage.

OVERALL FOCUS – Parenting, faith, relationships

TOP POST – 5 Ways I Ruined My Marriage

11. broke-single-dad

This is a “blog on thriving when you only really planned to be one of those 3 things.” Join him in “discussions on parenting as a single dad, co-parenting, relationships and things to do other than visit fast food chains.”

OVERALL FOCUS – parenting, co-parenting & relationships

TOP POST – Farewell to Innocence

12. Tez Brooks – Support for Every Single Parent

single dad blogs Middle Class Dad Single Dad Detour book cover

Tez comes at parenting advice from a Christian perspective. Not that others aren’t but it’s more of a focus for him.

He’s also another single dad who later remarried but still has a wealth of information to offer.

Tez is an award-winning author and Editor-in-Chief of Today magazine and a father of four. His book The Single Dad Detour: Directions for Fathering After Divorce is available in all formats on Amazon.

OVERALL FOCUS – Parenting, faith, movie reviews

TOP POST – What Does the Bible Say About Kids Obeying Their Parents?

13. Single Dad Zone

Darren Wall created this site not so much to offer parenting advice but to help single dads work through the pain, isolation, depression, and other obstacles of divorce through fitness.

As Darren puts it, “The foundation to improving your life is with fitness and working on your mindset. Fitness is a natural anti-depressant and self-confidence booster. Mindset is all about how you believe in yourself and handle challenging situations.”

OVERALL FOCUS – Fitness, nutrition & mental health

TOP POST – Find a Balance

Did I list all your favorite single dad blogs?

In this post, we took an in-depth look into the world of single dads online.

I listed all the best-known bloggers out there who are providing insight, inspiration, and motivation to help other single dads navigate the sometimes troubled or lonely world of solo parenting.

I avoided old, out of date blogs that hadn’t been updated or ones where only a portion of the blog was focused on single fathers.

Specifically, we looked at the 13 best single dad blogs you probably didn’t know about (but should).

Want to start your own single dads blog? Get started today with step-by-step guide on How to Build a Website from Scratch

Dads? Have a favorite single dad blog I missed?  Comment below and let me know!

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