5 Small but Meaningful Gifts to Show Her You Care

Keeping romance alive in your relationship after marriage and kids can be a tough challenge. We’re so busy with our workday lives. We may be stressed out or overtired, and the long and the short of it is that the lady in your life isn’t getting to see the best side of you. She may even have become unsure that you love her. Of course, considerate gifts aren’t the only way to demonstrate your feelings, but a nice surprise is sure to brighten her day and make her remember why she chose you in the first place.

The key here is that your gift needn’t be expensive. With household budgets to stick to, going crazy with gifting might even make both of you stress out more. Try these low-cost ideas to make her smile.

1. Give a Growing Gift – With a Message of Love

Cut flowers are always welcome, but they’re expensive, a little unimaginative, and they don’t last very long.

A live plant is a gift that keeps on giving, and every time she sees it, she’ll remember that it came from you with love. Indoor gardening plants offer some of the best ideas here. After all, most of us spend more time indoors than out. Plus, you can put a bit of effort into the presentation – an attractive pot comes to mind.

2. Make Her a Greeting Card

How did you show your mom you loved her when you were a kid who had already spent all his pocket money on candy? You made her a card! She loved it because you took the time to make something especially for her.

Just because you’re all grown up now doesn’t mean that small gestures like this won’t be appreciated. You don’t even have to be good at drawing or painting! Borrow a few images from the internet if you like, just make sure that what you make is personal and meaningful – maybe even a bit funny.

3. Cater a Picnic With all Her Favorite Foods

Finding time to enjoy each other’s company is one of the things married couples often struggle with.

You’ll have to make a “date” out of it, and if you can send the kids on playdates, do so. The element of surprise is what you want here, so try leading her to believe there’s nothing really special going on.

Meanwhile, stock up on the treats she likes best and choose a spot you know she’ll love. Making an effort to surprise her with a simple but beautiful outing is one of the most romantic gifts you can give. If she’s not a picnic kind of girl, try sparkling wine (don’t forget the glasses) at a spot with a sunset view.

4. Pile Into Some Household Tasks While She’s Out

Just about everybody wishes that household elves would do all the chores as they do in fairytales. You can’t give her a hardworking elf, but if you can find a time when she’s out doing other things to play the part, it can mean a lot to her. Use the opportunity to finish off some of her chores plus some of the outstanding DIY on your list. She’ll have a wonderful homecoming, especially if things have been piling up a little!

5. Give her a Home Spa Experience

A visit to the spa can add up to being a costly treat, but what could be better than the full spa experience, or as close as you can get to it, at home?

All you need is some bathtime pampering products, a bit of extra ambiance (candlelight is a great scene-setter), and some massage oil. Make her queen for the evening, and there’ll be no doubting that you care!

6. Candy – With a Personal Touch

Anybody can give candy, but you’ll make the presentation special. Just how you’ll do that is up to you, but the key is that you’ll serve it up in something other than the commercial packaging it came in. A simple idea that works well is to use a mason jar and design a label that makes your gift unmistakably from you to her.

Time and Love

The two most important gifts you can give don’t cost anything.

And all the low-cost gift ideas we’ve looked at contain these two ingredients: time and love. Sure it means you have to find time – at least a bit of it – in a busy schedule, but that shows your love. You might argue that she already knows you love her, but love, like bread, should be fresh every day to be at its best. Go the extra mile. She’s worth it!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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