Socially Responsible Business Parimatch

Social infrastructure every year becomes more and more modern in Ukraine, but the efforts of the state in this direction are not enough. For this reason, companies need to develop their social initiatives by providing systematic assistance in the areas of health, culture, education, and sports. Socially responsible business Parimatch is an example for many companies that want to demonstrate their concern for society not in words, but deeds. Thanks to the development of various projects, the foundation manages to involve children with special needs in the sports field, for which a convenient infrastructure is created for them.

Why is patronage in sports required?

There is no doubt that patronage in sports is an important direction in the work of the Parimatch Foundation today. The Foundation manages to implement dozens of major projects every year, thanks to which children have new opportunities to develop their potential. Patronage helps to establish contact between society and large holdings, without which it is impossible to build a socially responsible business. On the website charitable foundation Parimatch you can study in more detail the peculiarities of the fund’s work, as well as the current initiatives that it launches and implements.

The Foundation aims to eliminate the nervous access to sports and education in our country, which is especially noticeable among children with disabilities. The latter get the opportunity to take advantage of major scholarships from the foundation that help build a successful future. Each program of the foundation allows us to make our country a little more comfortable for children with various diseases.

Business must be socially responsible! This is the point of view held by the Parimatch Foundation. In 2021, the foundation provided scholarships to 30 children who go in for sports and are between the ages of 11 and 17. They will receive UAH 5,000 throughout 2022, which is the best confirmation that socially responsible businesses should provide systematic support. Sponsorship is from the fund affects several relevant areas at once:

  • education;
  • sports;
  • ecology;
  • socialization!

The foundation pays attention to the needs of children with illnesses, for whom sports become difficult to access due to the low development of infrastructure in the country. For this reason, the foundation’s sponsorship is primarily aimed at meeting the needs of children with mental and physical disabilities or hearing and vision problems.

Jeff Campbell