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10 Signs You Should Opt For Solar Installation For Your Home

Solar homes are trending in the US because they serve more than energy savings  and lower power bills. There is much more an average homeowner can secure with this innovative investment. The technology uses renewable energy to power up your home and supports sustainable living, which is the need of the hour. At the same time, it enhances the value of your property in the long haul. Not surprisingly, thousands of Americans join the bandwagon every year, and the number of solar homes in the country is growing.

Despite the immense benefits, the cost of this investmApart from the right roof type, its longevity is another sign that decides the relevance of this investment. Solar panels can last for decades, so your roofing should be ready for them. A roof replacement early after the installation does not make sense because it can be expensive and complicated. You will need a roofing companyent may have you thinking twice about the installation. But the truth is that you can cover the cost with energy savings within only a few years. Apart from the expense, you need to understand your readiness for embracing this concept. While every homeowner should take up the initiative when they can, some signs indicate that you should do it sooner rather than later. Here are the ones to watch out for.

You want to embrace a sustainable lifestyle

The awareness for eco-friendly living is growing, and everyone wants to adopt it for good. If sustainability is on top of your mind as a homeowner, there are several ways you can achieve the goal. Starting with eco-friendly construction is a good idea, but you can do it only when constructing a new house. Remodeling is a massive expense, and not everyone can afford it. Going solar can take your existing property a long way, even if it costs a bit. Your home’s carbon footprint reduces to the minimum with this installation. You are no longer dependent on fossil fuels and power grids. Instead, you have the most abundant source of renewable energy illuminating and heating or cooling your living space. There couldn’t be a better investment to go eco-friendly.

Your power bills are exorbitant

Another indication that you must consider while embracing the solar initiative is the ever-rising power bills for your home. You cannot manage without heating or cooling your living space, but high energy bills can pinch your wallet painfully. If you source energy the conventional way, you can expect rates to go up year after year. It is a major concern for all homeowners getting monthly power bills that seem to soar year after year. A solar installation is a wise investment to cut the stress of surging power rates and fuel costs. It is a one-time investment that pays for itself. You will realize that energy savings of only a few years are enough to cover the upfront cost of installation.

You have the right roof type

The type of roof determines your home’s suitability for solar installation. Metal is the best option as it has seams that installers can use for drilling and installing the panels.  Composite roofs also make good candidates. However, it gets tricky for tile roofs because tiles are brittle. Installation can also damage waterproofing under the tiles. Mounting the panels on a wooden roof is a bad idea because it can cause a fire hazard. While the roof type is important, you can still go ahead with the installation if you do not have the right type. It is possible to have a ground-mounted system if you want to avail of its benefits.

Your roof is sturdy enough to last for decades

Apart from the right roof type, its longevity is another sign that decides the relevance of this investment. Solar panels can last for decades, so your roofing should be ready for them. A roof replacement early after the installation does not make sense because it can be expensive and complicated. You will need a roofing company such as to make sure that the roof can withstand the force of the panels. Particularly if you suspect your roof is already past its prime and a solar specialist to take off the system and reinstall it after roof repair or replacement. A complete evaluation of your roof’s condition is essential before going ahead with the installation. It is best to have a specialist doing it.

The roof tilt is right

Solar panels work well when they get enough sunlight, and it depends on the tilt of the roof. You may install them on a flat roof, but extra brackets will be needed to tilt them. The optimal angle is a 30-degree tilt, but it may vary according to the location of the house. The position of the property in relation to the sun determines the amount of solar energy you can generate. If you can get enough to fulfill the energy needs of your living space, it is a worthwhile investment. South-facing roofs are ideal for installation, so watch out for this sign. But you can still opt for the initiative for other directions as a specialist can suggest the best solution.

Your area gets enough sunlight

Another key sign that suggests the suitability of a solar home is the amount of sunlight you get every year. Sunny states like California are the best in this context, though you can make things work even if you do not live in a completely sunny location. Consider your home to be the right candidate for El Cajon solar power because the city has 260 sunny days compared to the national average of 205 days. Since you have ample sunlight throughout the year, you can get the best from this investment. You need not worry much about the shorter and colder days during the winter because the panels still work. They even work on cloudy days, though their output may be lesser. As the consciousness regarding the usability of solar homes grows, the concept is becoming popular across the country.

You qualify for government incentives

The US government has several incentives and rebates for solar homes to encourage sustainability among homeowners. You can claim a 30-percent renewable-energy tax credit on residential and commercial properties to start with. Further, you can secure additional state and local incentives depending on your location. It is a good idea to research and learn more about such incentives before going ahead. You will be far more confident about the investment once you have a fair idea about the amount of savings you can secure with these incentives every year.

You are financially ready

Solar installation involves a hefty investment upfront, and financial readiness is a sign to go ahead with the initiative. Thankfully,  you need not depend on personal savings to pay for it as there are other options to explore. Consider a leasing plan that requires you to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA) with a provider who owns the solar panel system. The arrangement impacts the cost, terms, maintenance, and ROI of the system. You need not worry about maintaining or repairing the system as it is the provider’s responsibility. Leasing is ideal if you are more concerned about the environmental advantages instead of the financial benefits. Alternatively, you can get a solar loan at a subsidized rate to finance the investment.

You plan to sell the property

If you plan to sell your property down the line, it can be a good candidate for solar installation. The investment adds value to your home, so you can command a higher price when you put it up in the market. Solar homes are desirable for potential buyers as they promise immense savings in energy bills in the long run. Further, they make a valuable option for eco-conscious buyers and investors. You will have to worry less about finding a buyer and getting a good resale value for your home when you have this feature to showcase. It can single-handedly make the place a more saleable option in the competitive real estate market.

You plan to own the house forever

Surprisingly, solar homes are desirable even if you do not wish to sell in the foreseeable future. Living in an eco-friendly home is a great thing for owners who want to own a house forever. You have to spend once, but the savings come year after year. The investment pays back for itself sooner than you imagine as you save with lower energy bills and tax rebates. The good thing is that these savings are forever as the installation can last for decades. Moreover, you need not worry much about the maintenance costs of solar panels because they seldom run into problems. A cleanup twice a year is enough to keep them running optimally most times, but make sure you get it done by a specialist.

Going solar is the best thing you can do for your living space and lifestyle. It secures hefty savings in energy bills over the years, so the initial investment does not sound painful for a homeowner. The easy financing options and government incentives make it even more attractive. You also get the satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment by cutting down the carbon footprint of your place. It makes sense to install the system in your home at the earliest so that you can secure these benefits right away. If you still have apprehensions, watch out for these signs and go ahead confidently. You will realize the potential of solar power sooner than you expect.

Jeff Campbell