Six Natural Ways to Stay Awake While Studying

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If you’re a working student trying to earn a bachelor’s degree online, you know that every now and then, you’re waging a war against sleep. If you’re working full-time and your only free schedule is in the evening, it’s difficult to concentrate on your lessons when your body is crying out for sleep.

It’s also unwise, however, to keep your body charged up with unhealthy amounts of sugar and caffeine. You may be awake for your lessons, but eventually having an unhealthy diet will take its toll on your body.

So, how do you manage to study without resorting to gulping a gallon of coffee? Well, here’s how to do that.

Get up and move

When you feel drowsy, instead of drinking coffee, just get up and move around. Studies have shown that those who drink coffee or chug energy drinks do get energized again. But, the alertness is short-lived. After an hour, you’d just feel more tired than before and won’t be able to concentrate on what you’re doing.

If you get up and walk around, on the other hand, you’ll be able to sustain your level of energy for longer. It’s because when you move around, your heart is pumping more oxygen to your brain and muscles, and that can last longer than a jolt from caffeine.

Eat healthy foods

You can also wake yourself up with healthy snacks like peanut butter on a celery stick, yogurt, fruits, and baby carrots. Unlike sugary snacks and beverages like Red Bull, these healthy snacks can give you the energy you need and sustain it longer.

Turn up the lights

A dark room is conducive to sleeping, so if you’re feeling a little drowsy, you should turn on more lights to wake yourself up. Also, play some upbeat music. This can help stimulate your brain to wake up and be more focused.

Do some breathing exercises

As mentioned earlier, pumping oxygen into your brain and muscles can help wake you up. So, you can also wake yourself up by doing some breathing exercises. Just inhale deeply and hold your breath for five seconds. Then, exhale and start the process again.

Talk to someone

Studies have shown that by simply holding a conversation with someone, you can wake yourself up. It’s because when you start a conversation, it’s a natural stimulator for your brain. So, if you’ve been reading your lessons for two hours straight, take a break and call up your friend.

Watch something funny

If you’re tired after reading 10 to 20 pages of your lessons, take a break and watch something funny on YouTube. Laughter is also the best medicine for drowsiness because it elevates your heart rate and stimulates your brain. Check out some funny cat videos or sketch comedies online to wake yourself up.

These are just some of the natural and healthy ways to wake your brain up and continue studying. Use the suggestions above or come up with your own ways to naturally wake your mind up.

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