5 Ways to Stay Connected in a Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard enough as is. But add busy schedules and conflicting time zones to the mix, and you might think you’re heading straight for disaster.

So, let’s face it. Making a long-distance relationship work takes will and efforts.

Still, there’s a silver lining. These days, the internet offers countless tools to keep your long-distance relationship thriving.

In this post, we’ll explore five ways in which you can stay connected with your partner, no matter the distance.

Make the most of LDR apps

In a long-distance relationship, your phone is always close at hand. Every text and every call bring you closer to your loved one. But to help you bridge the gap, you can also count on a handful of innovative, and frankly quite unexpected apps.

The ThumbKiss app, for instance, offers a quirky feature that allows you to spot where the thumb of your partner is on the screen. Your phone then vibrates when both your fingers meet.

Another app called LokLok lets you customize your partner’s lock screen with thoughtful messages and drawings.

Create a playlist

They say that music heals the soul. Thus, when the pain of your partner’s absence hits hard, why not find shelter in your favorite songs?

Sharing a playlist is an emotional way of staying connected. Some streaming platforms like Spotify Duo make it easy for both of you to create a personalized playlist.

So, feel free to add tracks you’d like your loved one to discover. You can also include meaningful songs that relate to you as a couple. Relive your first dance, or chill to the tune that played in the background of your first kiss.

Don’t go for all sad and blue songs, though. Instead, remember that music can also be a powerful way to cheer up your loved one.

Set up a date night

The lack of shared experiences is perhaps the hardest part of being in a long-distance relationship. Therefore, when your other half tells you about this classic movie they’ve never watched, see it as an opportunity!

Even if you’re miles apart, why not go on a date? A virtual one, of course.

Cook up your signature meal, turn on your camera, and just watch a movie together. You’ll get to experience a bonding moment beyond the distance. But this will also give you something to look forward to before you can finally get together again.

Play games together

Every day, you feel like you’re sending the same old texts. Slowly, routine is taking hold of you. I know, we’ve all been there.

And rejuvenating your daily conversations can be even trickier in a long-distance relationship. So, why not add a bit of fun with some gaming sessions?

You can play strategy games or even co-op shooter games as a team. No need to know what you’re doing, as long as you’re in for a good laugh!

And if you’re more into classic games, perhaps you’d rather face each other in a live game of poker or blackjack. Online casinos like Casinos.co.za offer you an authentic casino experience, no matter where you are on the planet. The best platforms deliver some insightful guides, too, so that you can easily learn new tips together. And their hefty bonuses are just icing on the cake!

Make your video calls more dynamic

Date nights can’t be all nights. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spice up your call on Skype or FaceTime. Because let’s be real, video calls can get tedious pretty fast. Then, how can you make them more immersive?

First, bid farewell to static videos. Dare move the camera and take it with you to make your partner feel that they’re a part of your environment.

Why not also bring your loved one on a walk with you? Be as creative as you wish. And be sure your partner will love you for it!

There is no recipe for a healthy long-distance relationship. Yet, I can say for certain that maintaining a close connection with your partner is the best way to keep the spark alive. And the internet has everything you need to keep you going. But don’t forget that old-fashioned letters and romantic surprises can get you a long way, too!

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Jeff Campbell