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STEP BY STEP: The Ultimate Hitch Installation Guide!!!

Are you considering moving into a new home? If yes then you require loading all your home belongings and this can be done easily only when a hitch is installed to your vehicle. Right? If you are looking for a guide to do then here you will get the right step-by-step procedure that helps you to do it with ease. Though the process of trailer hitch installation is not very complicated with certain vehicle and hitch types, complications are higher. If you are looking to make it a DIY job then you are at the right place. 

Know the loading capacity

First of all, you should know the loading capacity in numbers because then only you will be able to find the right hitch for it. Check the manual card to know about this. If you still don’t get it then you can take the help of the internet and can get to know the capacity. But make sure while loading you also consider the weight of the hitch along with the stuff you load into it. 

Read out the instructions carefully 

Before you start executing the process, you should read out the instructions given. If you get familiarize with all the steps and you know what you have to do next then the entire procedure will become easier for you. It also helps you to have confidence in your job as you know what you have to do next. Read out the whole procedure and you should also check out the procedure on the internet to get more information. 

Gather all the tools and do all the pre-installation jobs 

Before you go down and get dirtier and start the process of installing the hitch, you should first prepare your workspace. Gather all the required tools for installation. The tools you require depend on the type of vehicle and the hitch you want to install. Some of the tools you require are a ratchet, safety glasses, gloves, C-clamp, power drill, Torque wrench, screwdriver, paint pen, jack and stands, and so on. These tools can be changed as per your preferences and requirement and you can take help from the internet to know all the tools. 

Vehicle preparation 

You should start with preparing your vehicle. 

Considering safety as your primary concern, you should first apply the parking brake of the vehicle. 

  • Place the wheel chocks on the front wheels. Apart from choking, you also need to jack up the vehicle in many cases. Though, a jack-up is not required in all cases for installation. 
  • Make sure the vehicle is sitting at the right height and it provides you the complete safety. 
  • If the spare tire is in the way of your job then you can remove it to start the process easily. 
  • Remove plugs or bolts if required, as per the instructions, in many vehicles, it is required to remove the plugs and bolts and any additional pieces to tow the hitch to it. 
  • You should have an extra work light beneath the car so that you can easily perform the job. Position the light in a way that illuminates the entire workspace and one can work easily without any obstruction. 
  • Clean the holes that will be used to tow the hitch with the help of the brush. Make sure there is no dirt and no blocking of these holes and you can easily attach the hitch to it. 
  • In case, if the holes are not present in the trailer, truck or car then you can use the power drill machine to do it. 

Once the vehicle is ready, you have completed most of the job, and just attaching the hitch is remaining. 

Install the hitch 

Now you are ready to attach the hitch to the vehicle. 

To lift the hitch in the right position to attach it, you can take the help of additional hands. Ask one of your friends or family members to do the job with ease. To hold the hitch in the right place, you should use the C-clamps. This will make the process of installation easier and attach it in the frame at the right position.

Now it is time to tighten all the bolts. Using a screwdriver will work for tightening the bolts. This also ensures that the hitch stays in the right place. 

And finally, you are ready to load items onto the hitch and can move these to another place. 

Double-check everything 

It is the time that you double-check everything so that there is no risk of it. Make sure all the nuts and bolts are tightened well. 

Bottom line:  

If you think that it is not your job and you did not want to take any risk then taking the help of professionals is a good choice. They will do the job with their expertise.


Jeff Campbell