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Steps You Need to Take When Hiring a Nanny

Your children are important to you. You don’t want to let just anyone take care of them. Therefore, you need to conduct a thorough and careful hiring process when looking for a nanny.

Follow these ten steps to ensure you find the perfect nanny for your precious darlings.

1.  Establish Your Needs

There are different types of nannies for different needs. For instance, do you need a live-in nanny, i.e., a caregiver who lives with you, or do you just need a nanny the day or evening? Before you start the hiring process, you need to figure out what type of nanny you need. Then you need to decide what kind of person would make the ideal nanny for your family. Start by writing a list of qualities you want the nanny to have and a list of deal-breakers.

2.  Determine What You Can Afford

Your budget will be a central factor in the hiring process. You should first research the average pay scale for quality nannies and then settle on a price point you’re comfortable with. However, you should also keep in mind that you’ll need to budget for expenses like outings, annual raises, and bonuses.

3.  Create a Job Posting

Now that you know what type of nanny you want, what qualities you want them to have, and how much you can afford to pay them, it’s time to put out your net and see what you catch. In other words, you need to create a job posting.

Your job posting should include a few details about your family, such as how many kids you have and their ages. However, you should avoid putting too much personal information in a job post to prevent people from misusing it. You also want to include your pay range, the hours you need the nanny to work, any benefits you offer, and some information about what will be expected of them.

4.  Conduct Interviews

Once you select promising resumes, it’s time to narrow down your options and invite candidates for an interview. When narrowing down your applicants, first evaluate their qualifications to make sure they meet your needs. Next, look at their experience to determine if they may have what it takes to meet your expectations. Then, pick five to ten of the most promising and invite them to a phone interview.

The phone interview will allow you to get a better sense of the candidate’s personality and experience. You will then be able to narrow your choices down to three to five applicants. Next, you should invite these people to your home for an in-person interview. During this interview, make sure to discuss how your household runs and ask detailed questions about their childcare philosophies. You’ll also want to introduce your kids and see how they interact with them. This should give you a good idea of which applicant is the right fit.

5.  Perform a Background Check

One thing you cannot forget to do before hiring a nanny is to conduct a background check. This check should include a search for their criminal history, sexual offenses, education, and work history. This will help you get a better idea of who you’re leaving your children with.

Furthermore, you should check their social security number to ensure they can legally work in this country.

6.  Check their References

During your interview, you should ask your prospective nanny for two or three people that you can contact. Ideally, these will be families they have worked for previously, but it could also be other employers. Make sure to ask detailed questions. For example, what was their experience? Did they notice any red flags? Additionally, you need to verify that you’re talking to a legitimate reference and not the applicant’s friend or relative. You can do this by asking specific questions, like, “Can you tell me about a time where the candidate showed initiative?”

7.  Prepare to File Taxes

By employing a nanny, you become an employer in the eyes of the government. This means you have to pay employer taxes. Therefore, you have to familiarize yourself with taxes related to having a nanny and register your nanny as an employee with the IRS. You’ll also have to calculate how much money to withhold from your nanny’s gross pay for tax purposes. Fortunately, there are several payroll calculators available online.

8.  Get Insurance

When someone comes to work in your home, you must have sufficient insurance to cover you in the event of an accident. Therefore, you’ll have to get in touch with an insurance broker to make arrangements. You may also want to talk to a broker about providing insurance for your nanny. This is a benefit that may help you win over a candidate with multiple employment offers.

9.  Create a Contract

Whenever you employ someone, it’s essential that you have a contract. A contract protects you both as it spells out all expectations, salary, hours, job requirements, etc. The more detailed, the better.

10.              Offer Employment

Once you’ve found your perfect nanny, offer them the contract you drew up. If they are amenable to the contract, then you can agree on a start date.


Jeff Campbell