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Stylish Diamond Rings for a Marriage Proposal

Proposing marriage is one the biggest moments of an individual’s life; irrespective of who they are. The joy of getting married and sharing a lifetime of good experiences and memories with the one you love sits on top of the blissful moments list. And hence, people want to go all out for it.

They plan the perfect date, with a beautiful setting and accidentally (not accidentally) colour-coordinated clothes and the right music and the most beautiful ring that can push tears out of stone hearts as well. But the planning that goes into it?

That starts eons earlier, and the most important part of this is picking the right ring.

Cue pressure. Don’t stress. Women love the emotion behind the gesture. (And they love all rings)

But just to be thorough, read on to see the stylish diamond rings for your marriage proposal.

  1. The Classic Solitaire

The solitaire ring is the classiest and most timeless engagement ring design. It has a single diamond in the middle of the band, held by a prong, claw or cathedral setting usually.

Solitaire rings look elegant and minimalist, so if that is what you are looking for, you know what to get. It never goes out of fashion and can be modified easily.

  1. The Halo Arrangement

In a halo arrangement ring, the central round diamond creates a dazzling effect on the eyes of the viewer. Other gems or diamonds are encrusted on the band to add to the glory of the central stone.

They form a halo around the centre of attraction, compliment it and make this style one of the most popular styles of engagement rings. Halo arrangements work even without the cover of other stones.

  1. Pave Diamond Rings

Pave, in French, means to pave. It literally means to pave the band with diamonds. The ring catches more light and enhances the glow of the bigger diamond in the centre.

Pave rings are super elegant and timeless, so if you want something a bit more eye-catchy, pave settings are to-go for. Maybe exchange some stones for your partner’s birthstones, to make the ring even more personal and meaningful.

  1. The Bezel Setting

Unlike the other popular settings where the diamonds/stones are held in place through prongs or mini arches, in the bezel setting, the material of the band engulfs the centre stones to provide it with a protective covering.

Best suited for active lifestyles, a bezel ring is more likely to be durable and requires low maintenance. Although the stone appears smaller, the ring looks modern and sleek.

  1. Eternity Band Diamond Rings

Just like the name suggests, the ring is the ultimate symbol of eternal love. It has a central stone set in the choice of the setting of the wearer, and the band is encrusted with stones along its entire length, making it an unbreakable chain of stones.

Eternity bands are sparkly and attention-grabbing but are used more like a band than a ring. It can be used to upgrade the engagement ring later, or gifted at a significant moment, like a milestone anniversary or the birth of a child.

  1. Tension Setting Rings

Yes. Tension. In this setting, the diamond stone is not held together with the band with the help of prongs or similar structures. Instead, the stone hangs from the pressure/tension put on it by the two ends of the band.

There are spring leading and grooves carved into the metal band to keep the stone from falling but does not help settle the worry of it losing the tension from the bands. It is a unique style, though modifications to this style are difficult to make.

  1. Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage rings are generally classified as more than 30 years old. These were popular back in the 20s and 30s for their microscopic detailing, dramatic designs and unique motifs, which are not very popular amongst modern and sleek designs. But these designs have withstood centuries of change, and are still a rage amongst people who like the Art era.

Over to you…

When you are buying a stylish engagement ring or your partner, you must keep the setting and comfort in mind as well.

It is not feasible to splurge on a ring for its style, only for it to become uncomfortable on a daily basis. Communicate effectively with your partner and know what they like in a design. Some women may even prefer something like a snake ring.

Pay attention to the setting, metal, stone placement and overall design, because that is the number one feature 86.2% of the brides consider most important.

It is your moment, and you know your partner better. We know you will make the right choice.


Jeff Campbell