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Dad’s Quick Guide To Successful House Moves

If you’re a full-time dad, chances are you’re going to have a lot of busy days not just managing the household, but tending to your work and other obligations. In turn, you know how busy things can get when you need to manage extra things such as organizing family events, going on vacation, or even making a house move with the rest of the family. Unfortunately, in the case of the latter, house moves can be one of the busiest and most difficult things to conduct given just how many things you need to consider when organizing your house move.

However, just because a house move can be tricky doesn’t mean it’s impossible to pull off.

In fact, dads might just need some tips in order to stay on top of their house move and make the most out of their opportunities.

Here’s how dads can pull off a successful house move:

Make the most of your visits to your new neighborhood.

Sometimes, the moving process will require you to visit your new home every now and then.

Chances are, you’ll need to make a visit to the neighborhood in order to submit requirements and documentation to some authorities. However, if you’re already going to your new home or town for some errands, you may as well make the most out of the move.

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Create an inventory with the rest of the family

An inventory is one of the most important instruments and tools you can have when you’re making a house move.

With an inventory, you’ll be able to take note of things you own and what you want to do with them. You can decide whether you want to sell, throw away, or even bring them to your new home. Likewise, you can also create an inventory over the cloud in order for the rest of your family to access them.

This way, your inventory will allow you and your family to keep track of their own personal belongings without having to depend on a physical copy.

This can also help you and professionals such as movers discuss aspects of your move involving costs, as movers will often base their quotation on the weight and type of items you’ll be bringing. 

For instance, you should take this time to meet with your moving company. Moreover, this is a great opportunity for you to be able to organize other parts of the move as well, such as shopping for materials and furniture. 

Designate tasks for the rest of the family

Likewise, a great way you can manage your move is to organize your move in a way that involves the entire family.

If you have kids, you can ask them to pack their own things in their own rooms to denote a sense of responsibility with them. That way, they’ll also be able to take note of things they have and carefully evaluate what they want to do with them.

This can become a great bonding experience, especially when you decide to set a schedule and pack them together over the course of a day or two. 

Schedule your moving process without interrupting your other endeavors

An important element when making a moving timeline is ensuring that your schedule won’t be interrupting important parts of your personal lives – such as schoolwork, work assignments, or even personal endeavors.

Remember, while moves happen only a few times in our lives, they don’t necessarily have to interrupt the way we spend our days so far.

That means you should fully make use of your paid time offs, leaves, and even time-offs to ensure the rest of the move won’t interrupt elements vital to your family’s overall schedule. 

Hire a professional service to help manage the heavy parts of the move

If you think like you’ll have trouble organizing the logistical parts of your move, perhaps a long distance moving company could help you pull this off. Thanks to their expertise, skillset, training, and equipment, professional services like movers may be able to help you out.

Aside from managing full-service moves, you can hire professionals to handle other specific things such as storage, packing and unpacking, or purely transportation.

Thanks to this kind of flexibility, you’ll be able to manage your overall moving budget much more efficiently. 

Make Awesome House Moves Possible!

With the above tips in mind, it’s possible for dads to pull off a house move despite their busy schedule.

Moreover, it’s important for dads to always remember that a good plan coupled with a good execution can help you manage your house move without any interruptions with your other goals and daily responsibilities.

Lastly, dads shouldn’t forget to use this house move as an opportunity to bond and get closer with the rest of the family, so your move will all the more be worth it once you finally settle in your new home. 

Jeff Campbell