The 7 Keys to Successfully Working From Home

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A decade ago, working from home was almost non-existent. For many coming of age or just starting their careers, that looked like it was going to be the norm. Your job was going to go from 9-5 every day. There would be no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Nowadays, flexible working schedules are becoming more and more popular for businesses all over the world. People are reexamining the 9-5 schedule to see if there needs to be a change or if it’s simply obsolete.

With these new changes, more and more people are working from home. The life of telecommuters comes with many pros and cons, but we’re mapping out how to be successful as possible while working from home.

Set a Schedule

Even though you may not have the 9-5 schedule, you will still be responsible for working some part during the day. That’s why you need to establish a firm schedule early.

If you’ve got a flexible schedule, use that flexibility to determine your own start and end time. If you say you want to start working at 7:30 AM every day, make sure you’re ready to start at that time. If you’re going to end at 4:00 PM every day, cut it off then.

Having that schedule allows you to plan but also keeps you disciplined and focused throughout the day, as you know when you’ll have to work and when not.

Plan it Out

One thing that’s incredibly helpful for remote workers is writing down everything they have to do in a planner or on a list. It can be a bit more difficult when you’re all alone and don’t have any coworkers or bosses that are creeping behind you.

Just like setting and keeping goals, having a list where you can cross things off will help keep you focused and motivated.

Have Your Space

Making a set space in your house is a good way to be sure you can physically and mentally enter a work zone. If you have a space for an office, make an office.

If you don’t have an office, see if you can carve out a corner of the house that is your workstation. It’s important when you enter that area, you know it’s time to get to work.

Get Comfortable

Speaking of your own working space, you need to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Buy a great office chair, don’t get a $20 one from the local store.

Just like your mattress, you’re going to be using this chair a lot so it’s wise to invest in one that’s going to be comfortable and offer both leg and back support.

See if you can also bring in some natural light or buy a natural light lamp so you can stay alert and gaze out the window to think for a bit.

Set the Mood

Since it’s your house and your space, you can have the rest of your office environment however you would like. How do you work best? In complete silence? With a bit of music?

You may be used to background noise and can find plenty of ambient sound websites around or simply head over to YouTube or Spotify and put on your favorite tunes. You could work well with classical, movie soundtracks or something random like electro swing. Do whatever makes you comfortable!

Eliminate Distractions

It can be tempting while you’re at home to keep reading that book or do some chores instead of working through the day. One way to eliminate distractions is by having everything you need in front of you.

So office supplies, the lamp, and even a stress ball all need to be within arm’s reach. We’ve all had that moment where we go to another room, forget why we were there and end up distracted by something else. Before you know it, 20 minutes have passed by and you still haven’t accomplished what you set out to do!

Get Out of the House

Even though you’re working from home, don’t limit yourself to the confines of your own room. One of the biggest cons of working from home is that it can get a bit lonely, especially when you don’t see people for days on end.

Take your computer to the local cafe or coffee shop and set up shop for a few hours there. Work there for a few hours in order to change up your routine a little bit.

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