Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

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With the change of the season, comes with it some new checks and maintenance for the home. With summer here, you will want to make sure that your home is ready for all that summer will throw at it. From the heat of summer, you need to make sure that your home is prepared so that you can have a happy and healthy place to live. So what are the best things to be doing to maintain the home, now that summer is here?

Here are some things to think about. 

  • Something that should be done each season is to check your detectors. You should make sure that your fire alarm is working correctly, as well as other detectors that you have in the home, like carbon monoxide detectors, for instance. Summer doesn’t reduce your risks of these things, so check that they are all working correctly. 
  • Checking your air conditioning is a must for summer. For many of us, depending on where you live, it can make a massive difference to survival over the summer. If you haven’t already checked them out, then air conditioning services could help you out. However, there are some checks that you can do yourself. You can remove and clean out the AC filters, as well as checking that all fans and vents are clean. Otherwise they can spread dust around the home. 
  • Making the most of the heat in summer is a must! One thing that can really benefit is your clothing, as well as your energy bill as you use your tumble dryer much less. So to help, installing a washing line is important. It is simple to do, and something that you can do yourself in your yard. Is there much better than freshly dried sheets from outside?
  • Summer is the perfect time to have sparkling clean windows. With the dry air and the salt, there can be a lot of grime that blows onto your windows. As such, washing your windows is a must, and something that should be done regularly. If you don’t look at the exterior windows in the spring, then now is the time to check it all, so that you can make them shine.
  • If you want to help your garden out over the summer, then adding in a layer of mulch can be a good way to help. It not only adds moisture to the soil for the plants and shrubs that are growing, but also helps to keep the soil area cool in the summer heat. Mulch can also help to eliminate weeds, as it doesn’t help them to grow.
  • In summer, it can be a good idea to stop dirt right at the door. If you can keep summer’s mud and muck outside, then it helps to keep the inside of your home much more clean. Using two doormats at your main door can help, as you can have one mat outside, and one mat inside. Most much and dirt is going to come off shoes onto those areas. It can also be a good idea to talk to family members to let them know that they should remove their shoes as they enter the home, to stop the spread of dirt. If you will be going to a beach or have a dog, then a pot of water by the door can be helpful too. 

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