5 Sweet Ways To Surprise Your Significant Other On Your Wedding Day

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A wedding day is special for every bride and groom. There is always room for better excitement, surprises and celebration. Imagine planning a surprise for your soon-to-be significant other and watching their face light up with joy while watching the surprise unfold in front of them! It sure is a great incentive to plan something sweet for them. If you’re looking for some lovely surprise ideas, we’ve got your back.

  1. Play their favorite music

Often people have a peculiar taste in music that just doesn’t cut with the pre-made playlist on Spotify. What should one do then? Hire a band, of course!

Cover bands or artists are a great way to add a personalized touch to wedding celebrations. They also allow you to play your favorite music on your special day. For instance, if your partner likes 70s music, the 70s cover bands are a great way to surprise them.

You could hand over a few requests to them before-hand for them to play during the ceremony to make the celebration even more special. 

  1. Organize for a first-look photo to be taken

Nothing is sweeter than watching your significant other take the first look at you in your wedding dress, walking down the aisle as you enter the ceremony.

It is only sensible in capturing that beautiful moment for you to cherish forever; it makes the perfect wedding album picture. The tear-stained, blushing cheek and the smile on their face as they see you walk towards them is a moment to frame and keep in your home forever. 

You could also request the photographers at the wedding to snap this particular picture when you enter the ceremony since they are often standing close to the couple anyway. 

  1. Have their favorite artists perform

If your partner loves a particular artist, entertainer, or performer who is available to perform on your special day, it would be a great idea to contact them and book a slot on their schedule.  These acts of entertainment for wedding are quite common nowadays and always a hit. 

  1. Plan a getaway

You are done with the ceremony — accepted the gifts, given your speeches and cheered on toasts, mingled with the guests, and done the formalities — you have done your part of being a good host. It is now time for some well-deserved alone-time on your special day.

It is your wedding and you deserve to have some time alone, away from everyone and enjoying the start of a new phase of life. It could be a simple seating arrangement, a boat ride, or a special dinner — anything to make your partner feel good. 

  1. Pre-plan a honeymoon

People often save up for a few days or months to plan a great honeymoon.

These are often elaborate honeymoons to a place you had wanted to go to for a long time with your significant other. If possible, try to start saving a little earlier than you had planned to organize a surprise trip for your partner. You could plan a surprise honeymoon for your partner for you to leave right after the ceremony as a sweet getaway. 

If you cannot save up sooner than planned, you could simply plan a sweet weekend getaway to a serene and beautiful location close to your home.

Planning a sweet surprise is rewarding for you and your partner. They get happier and you get to see your loved one feel elated. A sweet surprise can make your special day even more special. 

Jeff Campbell

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