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Only the Rich Send Their Kids to Swiss Boarding School and Other Myths

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The quality of your child’s education can impact their future success. Obviously, it’s essential to send your children to a quality school. But the best schools are kept under lock and key for anyone who is not uber-rich, right?

You’ll be pleased to find out that’s a common misconception. High-quality schools like boarding schools are surprisingly accessible. So if you wish to send your kids to a Swiss boarding school for the best education possible, you can.

Here are some common myths and misconceptions surrounding boarding schools.

Boarding School Is Only for the Rich

This is one of the most common misconceptions about boarding school. Many boarding schools have a reputation for hosting the children of the wealthy elite.

While you may find the children of high-profile parents, they’re not the only students in attendance. You’ll find many children whose parents have everyday occupations and careers.

Boarding schools don’t require the parents of their students to have a certain income level. In fact, many schools take extra steps to make their institutions accessible and affordable to all income levels.

Many students who attend boarding schools receive financial aid. There are also opportunities for loans, merit awards, and scholarships to help you pay for tuition.

There Is No Free Time at Boarding School

No parent would want to send their child to a school where they’re hunched over a book at all hours of the day. While school is important, it’s not the only focus your child will have at boarding school.

Children of all ages need a rich social life to develop properly. And this is still true of students who attend a boarding school. Most weekdays are structured with academic endeavors.

However, many schools give the weekends off and have a few hours of free time in the evenings. Your child would have the opportunity to go on outings, attend events, or hang out with their friends in their dorm.

Parents Can’t Be Involved

For a lot of schools, parental involvement helps keep the school running. Parental involvement may look a little different at boarding schools, but it’s still entirely possible.

While you may not run an on-site school store, go in for regular PTA meetings, or do after-school pickups, there are still ways for you to get involved in your child’s school.

Boarding schools may have a parent association, which will give you opportunities to connect with your child and other students on campus.

Boarding Schools Are Only for the Academically Gifted

Many people believe that you have to be academically gifted to attend a boarding school. But these schools aren’t looking for the next Einstein. They’re looking for well-rounded students with good work ethics.

Academics are a large part of boarding schools. The curriculum can often be more rigorous and demanding than public schools. But this does not mean they only admit geniuses to their institutions.

Many boarding schools are willing to work with students from all educational and learning levels. With a student-focused curriculum, the goal is not only to teach and understand the material.

Instead, they want to work with children to harness their natural potential and cultivate that into academic success. The environment of these schools helps students excel, no matter what level they enter the school at.

It’s All About Academics

Academics, of course, are important. They are the central aspect and one of the biggest reasons to send your kids to boarding school. But this doesn’t mean that academics are the only focus of the school.

Boarding schools also put a lot of emphasis on their sports and extracurricular activities. You’ll find student-run clubs of every interest, sports teams, dances, and events as you would at a non-boarding school.

You’ll find boarding schools that have incredible arts and drama programs. There are also unique opportunities to join committees like ones that work with alumni or plan schoolwide events.

Your child will have to balance academic work with their extracurriculars and free time. But boarding school offers a unique opportunity to get an excellent education and explore different interests as well.

Boarding Schools Are Rigid

Your image of boarding school may include starched uniforms and staunch rules. This isn’t always the case. No two boarding schools are alike; every campus has its own unique feel.

Some boarding schools may require uniforms and have a higher level of formality. This typically comes from long-running traditions on campus. Other campuses may have a more laid-back feel with no required uniforms.

Of course, there will always be a set of rules because first and foremost, it is a school. But sending your kids to boarding school is not akin to sending them to prison.

Diversity Is Rare

Your image of boarding school might be of a student body that lacks diversity. It’s easy to imagine a campus of Caucasian students with a few students of color. But this is an antiquated image of boarding schools.

As stated, boarding schools are not only for the rich. So you have students from a variety of financial backgrounds. But this is not the only diversity you’ll find in these schools.

International boarding schools like Institut auf dem Rosenberg attract students from across the globe, offering unique perspectives from their many students.

Boarding schools have student bodies that are diverse in race, religion, and nationality. In fact, many boarding schools are more diverse than average public schools.

Swiss Boarding School Myths Debunked

You want what’s best for your child, especially when it comes to their education. But some believe that quality education is out of reach.

That’s not always the case. Many boarding schools host a range of students from diverse backgrounds. Boarding school for your child may be more achievable than you think.

Sending your child to a Swiss boarding school may seem frightening at first. But the benefits to their education, social life, and personal growth are well worth it.

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