How to Take Control of Your Health, Happiness, and Overall Life


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Have you ever felt like your life was spiraling out of control?

Maybe the mounting pile of bills has you feeling hopeless. Or maybe you’ve lost your job or ended a long-term relationship.

These are moments that seem life-defining, and they often seem beyond our control. But while that may be true, it doesn’t mean your life is out of control.

You may not be able to control every circumstance, but you are the only one who can control your health, happiness and overall life.

So if you’re stuck in a rut of dwelling on negative circumstances, it’s time to turn that ship around. We’ve all been there, so there’s no judgement. Now, we move forward.

Here are some tips for taking control over your life again.

Adjust your outlook

Before you take any action, we need to address hope. Without hope, we have nothing.

But here’s the thing: most people put hope in the hands of others instead of taking control themselves.

Imagine your boss decides to terminate your employment.

You struggle to find work and are unemployed for months. You were living paycheck-to-paycheck already, and your unemployment check isn’t cutting the mustard. Are you a victim of circumstance? Or are you in control?

These are the tough questions we’re all faced with at some point in our lives.

It’s true that the circumstances caused a hardship in your life. It’s also true that it was beyond your control. But it’s where you go from here that will define the rest of your life.

If you sit around blaming your ex-boss, you’re pretending that he still has power over your life. In this case, it’s easy to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.

On the other hand, if you recognize that you have full control over this problem, you may start finding creative solutions.

You have the power to ruin your own life or to make it amazing. It’s all about your outlook. The day you start taking responsibility for your life and choices is the day you’ll find lasting hope.

Choose a healthy eating plan

There are many schools of thought when it comes to nutrition. You can be vegan or paleo or adhere to a ketogenic diet, and you can be healthy.

You don’t even have to eat according to a specific diet.

But you do have to make a commitment to healthy eating. You get to decide exactly what that looks like for you, but it should include more fresh vegetables, all whole foods (minimal processed food) and lean protein.

When you eat better, you’ll also look and feel better. When your body gets the right nutrients through food, everything will work better.

You’ll have more energy, be in better spirits and feel ready to tackle the world.

This is especially important if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or chronic illness. Nutrients like potassium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D can all have an impact on your mood.

If you’re deficient in any of these nutrients, you may feel down in the dumps. And such feelings impact your life overall.

Avoid bad habits

We all have bad habits that we know we should avoid, but if you have any that are interfering with your life, it may be time to get help.

This includes things like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and doing drugs.

Alcohol can be a tricky one for many people because it’s so ingrained in our society. But if you think you have a problem, stop drinking for some time.

Start with just a night. If you can handle it without any major issues, you’re doing okay. You may still need to cut back, but you probably aren’t an alcoholic.

On the other hand, if you cannot go a night without drinking, you definitely have a problem.

An alcoholic will experience physical symptoms of detox when they stop drinking, and these can be dangerous. This is why it’s important to seek an alcohol detox.

If you don’t experience physical symptoms from cutting back, you may be able to get away with a group or outpatient support.

Bad habits like drinking and doing drugs have a major impact on your life because they change the way your brain is wired. If you have any issues with addiction, address them.


Exercise works in a few ways to help turn your life around. First, it can help tone up your body, so you look healthier. When you look better, you feel better.

But exercise has other benefits too. When you work out, your body releases endorphins to negate the pain of a workout. Endorphins are feel-good chemicals, and this is what causes the “high” you may feel after an intense workout.

In the long term, when you exercise regularly, you’ll lower your risk for developing chronic diseases like obesity and heart disease. So this is an all-around positive change that will impact your life in the short and long term.

If you’ve been feeling more like a victim of circumstance than a leader in your own life, it’s time to start taking charge.

Begin thinking of solutions instead of problems, and you’ll be on your way to living a much fuller and happier life.

Circumstances will change and people will disappoint you, but it’s what you do with these things that helps determine whether you have a good life or a bad one. Choose wisely.

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