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TE-FOOD: Trace Your Foods To Make Fresh Vietnamese Recipes

TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table food traceability solution on blockchain with a mission to provide the food industry with transparency.

Since launching in 2016, TE-FOOD aims to give the industry the tools and solutions it needs to track and trace food products along the entire supply chain.

TE-FOOD helps these companies automate their supply chain process, optimizing operational efficiency.

This allows companies to ensure compliance with government export regulations while yielding greater insight into their suppliers. It also helps food brands to perform faster product recalls and better protect themselves from counterfeiting.

In these ways, TE-FOOD helps food brands to differentiate their products from those of their competitors, create a direct line of communication with consumers and position their premium offerings by providing proof to back claims of quality sustainability.

TE-FOOD seeks to help consumers to better understand the sources and journeys of their food before it reaches them.

This helps build brand exposure and helps consumers make more intentional and informed food purchasing choices, which, in turn, builds greater customer trust with the brands they buy.

TE-FOOD also works with government entities, providing them a real-time snapshot of the entire food market, thereby helping improve food safety regulation monitoring and enforcement.

TE-FOOD offers numerous components for every part of the supply chain, providing a complete end-to-end solution.

These components are all secure, scalable and can be tailored to a company’s specific and unique technical environment, processes and data sets.

TE-FOOD’s Serialization Engine and printing and labeling tools place serialized QR codes on all products to empower customers to easily follow the history of the food they’re considering buying.

TE-FOOD provides customized omnichannel data gathering through its own API or automated Excel upload. It offers a handy B2B mobile to provide even more data from throughout the supply chain and can even convert data into EPCIS format to make outputs GS1 compliant.

TE-FOOD stores all traceability data on its public permission blockchain, the FoodChain. One of the 15 largest blockchains in daily operational volume, it contains the histories of millions of products from across the globe. It, then, makes this food traceability data accessible to food companies and consumers alike through masternodes that decentralize the information.

TE-FOOD’s data processing and presentation solutions make sharing of all this pertinent supply chain data simple.

Employing business logic, it improves efficiency and ensures upstream suppliers remain consistently in compliance with the brand’s quality standards. Its automated recall module shrinks the cost and duration of product recalls.

TE-FOOD boasts serving over 6,000 business customers and processing over 400,000 daily operations. In all, the company has reportedly served over 150 million consumers worldwide.

TFD is an ERC20 token operating on the Ethereum platform and can be purchased with the Ethereum crypto coin. This represents a tokenized software license, allowing the TE-FOOD ecosystem’s users to conduct their activities securely over blockchain. To use this ecosystem, all entities and individuals must own a specific number of TFD license tokens.



Jeff Campbell