The Role of Technology in the Field of Medicine and Healthcare

Technology has seeped into our daily lives, and there is no doubt that it has improved our lives significantly. When it comes to the healthcare industry, technology has saved many lives, and it continues to do so.

The role of technology is not limited to doctors and patients but also benefits students in medical schools. The benefits have been unbelievable, from health trackers to technologies like robotic prosthetic limbs. With the advent of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the future of health technology will be even more groundbreaking.

Digitization of Medical Records

Hospitals have now switched to digital records for maintaining patient history. It is not only paper-free and sustainable but has also eased the workflow. The doctor and medical team can access all the details of a patient. It also provides data for clinical research, which helps advance the medical industry. This kind of data can be invaluable for improving public health care.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is used in hospitals to help with diagnosis, treatment plans, and drug administration. Clinical researchers are also using AI to determine the medicines for diseases as deadly as cancer and Ebola. DeepMind by Google has developed an AI that is qualified and effective for spotting breast cancer faster than a radiologist.

Scope of Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare information professionals are working to maximize efficiency while also lowering the costs and the chances of human error. A masters healthcare informatics program provides students with a well-rounded education covering the latest techniques and practices. The program is ideal for those who want to work within this field and offers opportunities outside of it. For example, graduates can choose from various computer programmer or analyst careers, which require less on-the-job training than other specialized fields.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an interactive version of the physical world. AR is now widely used in medical schools to teach students anatomy. For example, overlays digital information over natural human bodies to provide an enhanced experience for the students. SmartSpecs helps the visually impaired by navigating, recognizing faces, and looking for lost items. AR is also used in nurse training programs, dentistry practice, and MRI evaluation.

3-D printing

3-D printing is not a new technology anymore. However, its uses in the medicinal field are incredible. It helps assemble joints and implants for surgery. It can also help to create prostheses or artificial limbs. Even more astonishing is the up-and-coming bioprinting technology, which can save millions of lives.

Clinical Trials

Inventing or figuring out drugs for diseases can be lengthy and expensive. However, some new technologies are changing the landscape by helping ease the time required for drug development.

Pharmaceuticals use artificial intelligence to develop new drugs in comparatively lesser time. It can save lives, and the cost spent in research and drug trials.

Drug trials have created quite a lot of controversy in recent decades. In the past, the drugs were tested on humans, which would cause death in case of a slight error. Now animals such as monkeys or rabbits are used for drug trials. However, with the advent of technology such as Insilico or HumMod, clinical and drug trials could be safe for all lives. It is a computer simulation where virtual models have been created to study diseases test new potential drugs in minutes.


The healthcare industry relies heavily on qualified individuals and many infrastructures, tools, and machines. The usage of technology can ease the burden on the medical sector. It will revolutionize how we provide and receive healthcare, thus saving more lives at, hopefully, a lesser cost.

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