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How to Combine Technology With Stylish Home Décor

Incorporating home technology and smart technology with your existing décor is not always easy, especially if you prefer a rustic or farmhouse style at home rather than a modern aesthetic. Most home technology today is designed with a sleek and high-tech feel, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fit it into your existing home design.

If you want to have both and make sure that your technology doesn’t take away from or clash with your existing décor, here’s what you can do to achieve the results you want.

Color Coordination:

Many tech devices for the home will have multiple color options to choose from, which can make picking one that fits in with your existing décor even easier.

While there might not be a way to change the shape of the device, a color that complements your décor and matches the finish of the other accessories that you have around your home can easily fit it and look like it belongs there.

In some cases, high-end tech combined with a more rustic home décor style can be done in a way that blends the two together seamlessly. Opt for simple yet sleek tech items like these sleek high-end speakers fromBang and Olufsen.

Hide the Cords:

No matter what kind of home décor you have gone for or what kind of technology you are looking to add to your home, hiding the cords is a universal rule that will make tech look better in any home.

If you are using smart devices, you may want to consider connecting all of your smart devices wirelessly to a smart home hub to reduce the number of cords that you use.

Wherever possible, choose wireless speakers and other wireless tech items that are Wi-Fi enabled rather than having ones that need to be plugged into your router. Come up with different ways to hide the cords and wires such as behind the crown molding in your home or get trunking that you can attach to the wall and paint the same color to hide cords behind.

Create a Balance:

If you have a farmhouse chic look in your home, you’re probably going to look for wood-effect technology that will easily match and look right with your décor.

And while it’s certainly possible to find tech that is designed to fit in with any furniture and décor style today, if you have your heart set on one that’s metal or another device that doesn’t quite match, finding a balance between the two can help it look like it belongs there. For example, placing a cold metal piece of tech on a warm wooden bookcase can create a balance between the two, especially when strategically placed with coordinating décor items.

Use the Rule of Threes:

Place your tech devices strategically around your home and close to items of home décor that you can use to create the look that you want.

The rule of threes, for example, is widely used in home décor and interior design to create a balanced look, and by treating your home tech devices as any other ornament and applying the rule of threes, you can easily make it appear like they were designed to be placed wherever they are in your home.

For example, placing a smart speaker alongside a reed diffuser and a vase of flowers on a sideboard or shelving unit in your home can create a sleek look that is easy to incorporate with the rest of your décor.

Choose Statement Devices:

As smart home technology becomes more and more popular and new brands appear on a regular basis, the design of the devices available is continuing to change with more and more options available for any type of home.

There are many home tech and smart home devices that look great and serve a function at the same time. For example, you can get pop-out wall outlets that make it easy to hide your smart devices by tucking them away flush with the wall or even the ceiling.

Create a Tech-Free Room:

Not every room in your home needs to be connected, and it can be nice to create a space at home where you can simply unplug and enjoy activities that don’t involve being connected to the internet or using technology.

A reading nook, for example, filled with books and a couple of comfortable chairs could quickly become one of the best places in your home to spend some time relaxing and winding down.

Today, home tech is more popular than ever before and there’s a huge range of devices to choose from. But incorporating tech into your home to ensure that it looks stylish and fits with the rest of the aesthetic can take some planning.

Jeff Campbell