Why Should Teenagers use Moisturizers?

Years of turbulent skin problems and rollercoaster hormones? Teenagers can relate. We all desire a glowing, silky smooth complexion. But teen skin for many is a nightmare.

Greasy skin, acne, redness, zits, and blackheads top the complaint list of many teens. The nagging hormonal surges make your oil glands to overwork and snap! Say goodbye to your baby soft skin. Scary, right?

If you are a teen dealing with similar skin, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find out how to keep your skin on lockdown.

So what’s the solution? A personalized skincare routine. Moisturizer is your friend. I know what you’re thinking, greasy skin, breakouts, blackheads, why do I need a moisturizer?

Don’t be tempted to skip moisturizer in an effort to minimize the stickiness. You’ll do more damage to your skin. The dryness sends your body’s oil glands to overdrive further clogging your pores. Moisturizer is the holy grail of every teen’s beauty regimen.  It gives your skin a little extra love.

Moisturizers are a buzzy trend right now. They offer incredible hydration leaving your skin supple, light and fresh. It is essential you keep your face moisturized, and this best moisturizer for teens has you covered in that department.

What is your Face’s moisture level?

Shopping for the perfect moisturizer? We all have different skin cravings.

You need first to identify your moisture levels. Cleanse your face. Let it dry and observe which areas tend to be drier or oiler than the rest. A moisturizer worth layering into your routine is your best bet. Keep in mind the best time to apply your moisturizer for maximum benefits.

  1. Oily Skin

Are you struggling with oily skin and hormonal acne? It can be hard settling for the “perfect” moisturizer. Your skin will love soaking up lighter formulations. Rich moisturizers leave a greasy layer behind worsening your breakouts. Water-based gel moisturizers are your best bet.

Gel moisturizers contain minimal to zero oil and absorb in the skin in a snap.

They don’t leave icky grease on your face. Gel moisturizers are superior to conventional formulations as they release a punch of powerful ingredients which attract water from the skin’s inner layers and bring it to the surface. Their lightness is also a boon for people with acne-prone or oily skin.

  1. Normal skin:

Healthy skin is even and smooth toned with no visible blemishes or flaky patches.

The skin is neither dry nor greasy and the pores are barely noticeable. Healthy skin has a balanced amount of oil and water with good blood circulation thus few imperfections. Choose a thin creamy formulation.  Since your skin is spot free, your primary focus is guarding against UV rays and damaging pollutants.

  1. Normal/combination skin:

For standard/combination skin types, your T-Zone (forehead, chin and nose) is oily while the rest of your facial skin is dry. The pores tend to be large and the skin is prone to blackheads. Normal/combination skin tends to either be overly oily or excessively dry with the cheeks appearing rough.

Different parts of your face have different needs so keep it simple and go for a gentle lotion-based moisturizer to avoid further aggravating your face.

  1. Dry skin:

Moisture-craving skin is scaly, itchy, rough and dull with invisible pores. It is characterized by abnormal shedding of cells on the skin’s outer layer.

It is crucial that you consider your skin type before shopping for a moisturizer. You want a formula that will jibe best with your skin — dealing with scaly dry skin? A thick, oil-based creamy moisturizer is your ideal choice to lock in that hydration.

Why do Teens need Moisturizers?

For glowy, healthy, hydrated skin, moisturizers are a must-have beauty product. They offer truckloads of benefits:

  • Hydrate for healthy, silky smooth and blemish-free skin.

The right kind of moisturizing formulation for your skin type balances your skin sebum and moisture giving you a healthy glow.

When your skin is excessively oily or dry, you’re prone to a ton of skin issues from acne to pimples and blackheads. Hydrate your skin for a healthy sheen and get rid of existing blemishes and acne.

  • Moisturizes for a youthful glow:

Your skin sheds millions of dead cells in a day. What’s more, your most sensitive areas- the face, neck, ears and chest shed at a higher rate than any other part of your skin. Daily shedding of skin cells leaves you vulnerable to dryness and puts you at risk of getting skin cancer.

Weather elements like hot or cold weather can suck the moisture right off your face leaving you with dry, patchy skin.

A little dab of hydra boost is all you need to replenish the moisture lost, fix any skin damage and maintain a youthful glow.

  • Moisturizes keep your wrinkle-free and slow down aging:

An undisputed fact: hydrated skin is fresh, glowing and younger-looking. It’s never too early to start giving your skin that hydra boost. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did it. Moisturizer is the ingredient your beauty routine has been craving.

Prevent fine lines and wrinkles by pumping your skin with a dose of moisture. That plump, glowy and firm feeling you get after you’ve moisturized slows down the ticking clock.

  • Calm sensitive skin:

If you’ve got red, irritated skin with dry, scaly and itchy patches, your skin needs special, gentle care. Slather on a moisturizer with soothing ingredients such as tea tree, Aloe Vera, oatmeal, honey, and chamomile, just to name a few. Dry skin is lacking in lubricants and natural oils go for oil-based heavy cream moisturizers.

  • Minimizing the adverse effects of makeup:

No matter how much you swear by your make up being organic or safety tried and tested, using make up for a prolonged time leaves your skin vulnerable to skin problems such as skin irritation and allergies.

For this reason, before applying your foundation, make it a habit to slather on your moisturizer fortifying your skin, keeping it nutritious and safeguarding it from the adverse effects of makeup.

  • Sun Protection:

For many of us, slathering on sunscreen doesn’t come naturally like applying moisturizer. Apart from the usual morning rush, and we’d want so bad to slice our morning skincare routine SPF formulas are notorious for being too heavy or sticky on the skin.

Choose a moisturizer with SPF protection, so you have no excuse to skip sun protection. Hydrate your skin while keeping it safe from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. An added bonus right?

Bottom line

Moisturizers have definitely earned cult status in the beauty world with beauty enthusiasts raving about their skin benefits. They pack an excellent range of nourishing ingredients and quick-absorbing formulas. All elements work together to provide intense hydration.

Teenagers, put your skin woes to rest with a beauty product we can vouch for: moisturizers.

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