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Ten Tricks to Save on Your Theme Park Tickets

There are various ways to save on theme park tickets, but they require a little effort from your side. Most of these need planning and considering the season and time, you would wish to visit the park. You also need to be keen on the various strategies used by different parks that can help you save through discounts, promotions, and special memberships, among others.

Watch out for special anniversaries and celebrations, as well as veteran and military offers. You may even opt to accompany those with special memberships whose dependents benefit fully or at a discount. Below we look at various other strategies that can help you save on your theme park tickets.

Visit Theme Parks During Off-Peak Seasons

Visiting a theme park during the off-season can save you a lot of money. Peak seasons include Christmas, summer, Thanksgiving, and spring break. Most parks have premium charges during peak seasons since it’s guaranteed many people will be visiting the parks.

Since fewer people visit theme parks during the off-season, you enjoy cheaper ticket prices, cheaper plane tickets, hotel rooms, and dining. Most theme parks have peak seasons during school holidays when most children are out of school, and businesses take advantage since they know parents value this particular period. Take advantage of off-peak seasons, and you get to enjoy subsidized prices on almost everything.

Visit Theme Parks on Specific Dates and Seasons When Tickets are Cheap.

Some theme parks have specific days and seasons when tickets are cheaper. These are mostly weekdays when few people are visiting the parks. Some of the seasons touted as cheap include the last three weeks of January, the first week of February, the end of August, and the whole of September. It’s an initiative by the parks to distribute the crowds throughout the year.

You can opt to take a day off from work and take your younger or non-school-going children to the park. The quality of service at the park is the same; only the crowds may be lesser. This is a great advantage since the lines are shorter and you spend less time waiting to use a certain area of the park. You can check various theme park charges on their websites.

Consider Buying Tickets Online and Follow The Parks for Various Offers

Purchasing tickets online is one of the tricks to save on your tickets which can save you up to $20 compared to purchasing at the entrance. Most of these tickets are subsidized, and they save the park the problem of long lines as visitors line up to buy tickets. It also helps in planning in case the tickets are meant for a specific event. With advance tickets, they can approximate the number of visitors to expect.

Avoid buying tickets at the entrance since, at this point, your options are limited. Most parks offer discounts if you purchase online. This can be on their website or third-party websites that are authorized sellers. Look out for these online wholesalers whose tickets are discounted. You can easily find coupon codes and other ticket deals online compared to waiting until you are at the park entrance.

Some parks offer one-day pass discounts to online visitors. Others add these offers on their social media pages for their fans and followers. These special promotions help them grow their online following. It’s easy to spot a flash sale online, most of which include special discounts and promotions. You can also sign up for online newsletters. Here you get information on the various offers, promotions and discounts, and other exclusive deals.

Buy Tickets from Authorized Agents

You may consider booking your ticket through a travel agent. Most theme parks extend deals to agents as a reward and an incentive to discourage ticket purchases at the gate. Always check with various agents to compare prices before purchase. Other parks offer promo codes through partnerships with selected leading companies.

You can also buy multi day tickets from reputable wholesalers and save up to $50 per ticket compared to buying at the park. Check out various websites that help you find the lowest prices on the kind of tickets that you are looking for.

Watch Out for Special Discounts Coupons and Honor Programs

There are many offers on occasion, such as when the parks have special celebrations. Other parks have draws where winners get free passes and discount tickets for family and friends. Some parks offer special discounts to Visa card owners. As long as you purchase your ticket using a Visa card, you get to enjoy a certain discount. However, most of these discounts apply to single-day ticket purchases.

Most parks offer special discounts for longer visits. For instance, 3-4 day tickets have better discounts compared to a one day ticket. One park per day tickets are expensive, and that’s why most parks discount the longer days pack to ensure people visit the parks more often.

Most parks have honor programs that they extend to specific groups of people. They could be complementary tickets offered to national guardsmen, reservists, and young children below a certain age. Some tickets accommodate up to three direct dependents as part of the package.

Others have discounts for military personnel and veterans. These can be purchased at the nearest military base and are available for both active and retired military service members. Some of these deals have date and party size restrictions; hence, it’s important to inquire about the terms and conditions as much as possible.

Buy an Annual and Multi-Day Passes

Most annual passes are reserved for the off-peak season or offered in value. It’s important to note that most come with conditions. However, you can still enjoy the services using your annual pass during peak seasons at discounted prices under special arrangements.

Annual passes come with many benefits, including free parking, merchandise discounts, free memory maker, substantial hotel discounts, and selected dining areas. You can enjoy these benefits throughout the year.

If an annual pass is not an option, always consider multi-day passes that are way cheaper than single-day visits. The rates get better after the second day. Considering the magnitude of most theme parks, you may consider setting aside at least four days since multi-day tickets have a better deal after the second day. This also ensures you visit most hot spots and save on your budget.

If you intend to visit several times in a year, most parks have a cheaper provision for that. Some annual passes allow unlimited access at a set price. Others have a specified number of days per year though the price is still discounted compared to those buying tickets per visit. Most annual passes payoff if you intend to visit the park for more than18 days.

Check Out for Membership and Family Rates

Some companies have membership perks for their employees in most theme parks. The employees and their families enjoy discounted tickets as part of a reward program. You may also consider checking with your university or union for park access deals that apply to members of such organizations and their immediate families.

These can be in the form of a membership card or discounted tickets. Some parks have incentives for family visits compared to individual visits. A family annual pass comes with many perks compared to single-day admission, especially for large families.

Some memberships come with discounts that can be extended to friends and family. You may also consider tagging along with a season pass holder and enjoy some perks, such as free parking. Others such as AAA membership allow you to enjoy special discounts on selected merchandise, in-park dining, and other perks depending on the theme park.

Watch Out or the Annual Price Increase

Most theme parks increase ticket prices annually. The trick is to purchase the tickets way earlier as this saves you a lot of money, especially if you visit the park in large numbers. You can save as much as $25 per ticket if you purchase before the annual increase. This amount can be used on exploring various sites in the park or even for lodging.

Consider Taking Your Kids to The Theme Park More Often Before They Turn Two

Most theme parks do not charge admission fees for children below two years. This is the best time to take your children to theme parks more often. Since the entrance is free, you can do this as much as possible until they get used to the parks. With time, the excitement may not be there, and you can reduce the frequency. Find out the various age limits for different companies and take advantage. Some renowned theme parks admit children as old as three years for free. Most parents take advantage of this arrangement as it ensures children get used to the parks early. Some parks even have an honor system where you are not required to show proof of age for the little ones.

Go For Special Event Tickets

Most theme parks have special events such as anniversaries and special celebrations. On these occasions, they have special discounts which help you save a substantial amount of money. Some states such as Florida, California, and Georgia offer residents promotions throughout the years. If you can prove residency, you are eligible for such discounts, which help you save on the tickets

Theme parks make most of their revenue from the admission fees, and it’s upon you to find out the best methods to help you save some money on the tickets. A combination of the above strategies will save you thousands of dollars that you can use for other needs.

Jeff Campbell