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The 3 Most Important Things To Have When Owning A Horse

Owning a horse is a lot of fun and the bonds you form are indescribable. However, there are also a lot of responsibilities that come with horse ownership. It can be very expensive and time-consuming to own a horse. This means that you have to make sure that you are prepared to own a horse.

Make sure that you have the means and time to care for one properly. If you are not prepared then your horse will not enjoy its life to the fullest and you will be creating a headache for yourself instead of the joy that you should feel. In this article, we will go over what it takes to own a horse as far as the things you need to have.

1 – Know your gear

There are two main styles of riding and the gear needed for either is highly specialized. You have a choice between riding English or riding Western. English is the more polished and elegant riding style while Western is essentially the way the cowboys ride horses.

Most people new to riding horses and owning one go for Western since it is more familiar to them. This means that if you choose to go for this style you will need a horse trained to ride this way and have the gear to match. Western horse tack means that the saddle will have a pommel and the bridle is much different than the English version.

Choosing the right horse gear is essential for equestrian success, so it’s important to be knowledgeable about the various options available. When selecting horse gear, consider factors such as horse size, horse behaviour, and the type of activities you plan to do with your horse. The more specific you can be about these factors, the easier it will be to pinpoint which items are suitable for your horse. Finding the best saddle pad for horses, bridles or rugs is not an easy job. Hence, it’s a good idea to research the horse equipment offered by different companies before making any purchases; this will ensure that you’re buying quality items that are best suited to both your horse and your needs.

Even the way that you dress needs to be specialized so that you get the most out of riding your horse. Chaps and boots are essential so that you can stay on the horse’s back and not get chafed on your legs.

2 – Grooming equipment

Keeping your horse clean and healthy is essential so you have to have the right grooming gear to be able to do so. This includes special brushes that will remove the loose hair, clean the skin of dead cells and also keep the blood circulation going to the surface of the skin.

You’ll also need some horse clippers so that you can keep the fur from getting unruly. Short cropped fur will allow the skin to breathe and the horse to not get too sweaty. A wash kit should also be on the list so you have a bucket and all the right shampoos, soaps, and sponges ready to go. Even a special nozzle on your hose will be helpful to make sure you can do the same job as a professional groomer.

3 – A setup barn

A horse doesn’t just need a stall, but a true barn that has all the essentials that your horse needs and that you need to be able to take care of it. Its stall should be outfitted with a feed area where you can put the hay for them to eat, plus a bucket that is easy for them to access for their grain. It should have enough room to move around because, contrary to popular belief, horses do lie down, and getting up is a challenge if there isn’t enough space.



Jeff Campbell